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Your Body Knows When You are Vitamin Deficient

By Irina Bright
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Does your body really know when you are vitamin deficient, so that you can effectively correct such nutrient deficiencies? It is a very interesting question indeed.

Some time ago, while doing research for another article, I stumbled upon an interesting scientific paper. It stated that our "relatives" from the animal kingdom - orangutans - can sometimes eat pure soil if they feel that their bodies are deficient in certain minerals found in soil.

This was quite a revelation.

We have been led to believe that we, as humans, cannot really sense whether our bodies are vitamin-deficient or not. So, if our bodies don't have such a "signalling mechanism" to inform us of nutrient deficiencies, then we don't know that we need to replenish them with proper nutrition - and this, in its turn, can lead to a development of a medical condition(s).

Several years ago, when I embarked on my whole foods journey, I started noticing that I had a curious craving for certain foods.

At that time, I did a lot of reading on raw and whole foods. My primary aim was to understand how whole foods could help with the symptoms which I was then experiencing, due to severe nutrient deficiencies. Read my health story here.

So, I bought a selection of whole foods and started taking them.

Seaweeds offer an excellent nutritional profile.

Seagreens - a combo of 3 species of seaweeds - became my favourite food. The first time I tried seagreens powder, I fell in love with it immediately. I kept eating A LOT of it per day, because my body demanded it!

My body was telling me that I desperately needed all those wonderful marine minerals and trace elements which I obviously wasn't getting from the common foods I was consuming.

Nowadays, I usually buy bulk packs of Seagreens because this allows me to save significant amounts on these seaweeds.

I have also noticed a similar trend with a variety of berries and fruits as I originally had with seaweeds.

I felt it when I first tried goji berries, mulberries and Incan berries, as well as lucuma and bee pollen, and most recently pomegranate seeds.

In my case, it looks like my body definitely knows if I really need some nutrition as I will then have this kind of cravings for a variety of foods I mentioned above.

I always believed in the power of intuition. Even though it is unlikely to be as strong as that of wild animals, intuition can help us take right decisions nutrition-wise as well.

Generally speaking, if you feel tired and lacking in energy and don't know why - it may be because of nutrient deficiencies, among other things.

You may want to try some raw foods that I mentioned above, or you can choose other ones that you fancy.

Of course, a lot depends on the taste of each specific food. It is unlikely that you will have some strong cravings for green foods, ex. barley and chlorella :). Although I am pretty sure you will still benefit from their nutrition :).

Let us know your experiences!