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Judy Heminsley of
Shares Some Ideas on how She Manages to Stay Fit While Working Exclusively from Her Home Office

We have recently caught up with with Judy Heminsley and asked her to share with us some ideas on how she manages to stay healthy and fit while doing all her work from home.

judy heminsley

Question: Hi Judy! please tell us several words about your online home business :).

Answer: Work from Home Wisdom is a blog for and by people who work from home. It's a place to find inspiration on every aspect of working from home, including guest posts by many readers sharing their experiences, from balancing work and family commitments to getting the most from the company of your pets and eating the right foods to keep your energy going all day. Our galleries show the workspaces readers have created in every part of the house and garden, and our reviews give an objective opinion of many products and services regularly used by home workers.

Question: How do you manage to stay healthy and full of energy while working exclusively from home?

Answer: It's vital to get some exercise every day so I make sure I walk to the shops as part of my daily routine, or use a rebounder when the weather's cold or wet. I have a sweet tooth so it's easier not to buy tempting biscuits or cakes as I can't resist them once they're in the house! It's essential to get organised and plan meals in advance to make sure you have the right ingredients, and to stop work to make a meal before you are too hungry, as that's the time it's easy to snack on the wrong things. I know all these things but that doesn't mean I always do them by the way!

Question: What kind of healthy / raw foods do you take to keep in top shape while working from home?

Answer: I find it's best to keep to very simple meals. I've tried various diets but always come back to this style of eating. We batch cook enough vegetable chilli, dahl or tomato and vegetable sauce for about 3 meals and then eat it with brown rice, pasta or couscous. Also we make a big pan of stir-fry veg to eat hot with something like salmon, and then have cold as a salad. I like to eat plenty of fruit, no doubt because of my sweet tooth!

Thanks very much for that, Judy!