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Why Consume Superfoods?

By Gene Moss

So why consume superfoods?

An obvious answer is that Superfoods greatly enhance general health and wellbeing. They aid us to get healthy, stay healthy, and to lose or maintain weight.

All have great nutritional properties, feeding our bodies with the right nutrition to help increase our metabolism and energy levels, whilst ensuring we do not suffer from any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

The Problem(s)

Long working hours, an inactive job, lifestyle, lack of exercise and sleep, with a lack of nutritional knowledge are all factors contributing to many of our health problems we complain of on a regular basis.

We also now reside in an environment with greater levels of toxicity and less fertile land, and where technological advances have led to less manual work and less calorie expenditure. A growing trend of weight gain has become a more severe issue.

Foods are now highly processed, high in sugars, and high in saturated fats causing us to gain excess weight and feel sluggish. Storage and heating methods are also utilised, further reducing the nutritional benefits that foods bring in their most natural form. And consequently, obesity is becoming more prevalent as we humans continue to evolve into a more inactive society.

Teenagers are less fit than decades previously, and children are now subject to less physical education. Priorities now lay in being competent at using technology, in which the employment world is now reliant upon such skills. Most would also now prefer to play on an Xbox than join and regularly participate in a sports club.

What affect will this have on our offspring? How can we stem what appears to be a continuous downward spiral? It doesn’t help matters when healthy foods on the market today happen to cost more than processed unhealthy foods.

The importance of businesses that exist and aim to provide an affordable alternative is hugely important for us, and our future generations. We need to be healthy, for our offspring to be healthy, and so there is no better time and place than to start now, taking care of our own health and wellbeing to lay a good foundation.

Common Health Issues of the Modern Day

So what are some common health issues that we face with a great deal of regularity?

Some of our common daily health complaints include:

  • I’ve caught the Cold/Flu (Immunity)
  • I’m feeling tired and struggling to focus today (Fatigue, physical and mental)
  • I can’t cope with this (Daily stresses)
  • I’ve been really miserable of late (Mood)
  • My back and joints are aching (Joint health)

This expands to self-image and esteem caused by the pressures of today’s society, such as:

  • I’m fat/overweight
  • I want to build some muscle
  • I want that 6 pack
  • I want to look younger and maintain my youth

People today severely undervalue the importance of consuming quality nutrition on a regular daily basis, and have no hesitation in resorting to quick and convenient junk food. Doctors and nutritionists will always recommend that food with a poor nutritional value should not be consumed frequently, if at all, and should be minimised in their consumption due to their detrimental effects on one’s health and wellbeing.

Superfoods That I Use Regularly

Superfoods obtain their name, due to their exceptional benefits in promoting one’s health, and can be utilised as part of any nutritional therapy or weight loss regime.

All superfoods are nutritionally dense with minimal calories, all having a huge number of varied benefits, and each with their own distinctive beneficial properties.

Here are some superfoods I would highly recommend, along with their unique benefits:

Barley Grass – Great affordable spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and known to help with joint pains and detoxing the body of harmful toxins.

Camu Camu – Promotes a healthy immune system, fights colds, is a potent anti-oxidant with high bioavailable Vitamin C content, and provides joint and eye support.

Acai Berry – Muscular recovery with wide amino acid coverage , naturally containing high amounts of OPC antioxidants. This berry also contains omega 3,6,9s, healthy fats to promote heart health.

MSM – Joint Health, and contains glutathione, an anti-oxidant designed to aid muscular recovery and eliminate harmful toxins.

Rhodiola Rosea – An Adaptogen, helping the body adapt to physical and mental stresses. Very useful for pre workout consumption to maximise physical performance, helping to increase stamina and endurance. Also increase uptake of creatine by the body for those gym enthusiasts and those looking to build muscle.

Gingko Biloba – Promotes mental health and enhanced concentration, without the associated negative stimulant effects of caffeine.

Guarana – Good for pre workout to promote energy, focus, and a thermogenic aid for weight and fat loss. Acts as a stimulant.

The Role of Superfoods for Exercise and Gym Training

I exercise daily. Ever since introducing superfoods into my fitness regime, my immunity has improved, along with my joint health and gym performance. I don’t recall catching a cold ever since, as the continuous consumption aids the body in fighting off viruses and toxins that are harmful to our bodies, especially in a daily environment where germs easily spread.

And from a training perspective, those who think consuming a protein shake mixed with a carbohydrate source such as maltodextrin which is high in sugars and low in fat will provide adequate recovery. Well muscular wise, I would agree. But the importance of anti-oxidants such as a bioavailable form of Vitamin C cannot be disregarded, as a healthy immune system is vital for recovery as a whole.

When placing your body under great stress, it will require fast nutrient replacement that is lost from excessive sweat whilst training. The body is also more susceptible in catching a virus within this time frame. The amount of toxins now created and circulating around the body will be at an increased level after an intense exercise session.

Eliminating these harmful toxins is important for recovery, keeping the body healthy, and to promote that longevity of youth, all promoting the body in delaying the aging process.

The consumption of antioxidants, especially for an individual training hard is a must.

I would also include Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, as this provides a huge array of trace elements, and also has great electrolyte properties to help the body rehydrate optimally, and promptly.

And Finally...

Consuming a select few superfoods on a daily basis will go great lengths to help achieving good health, a good weight, and maintaining youth. I’m reassured and very grateful that we have individuals who are looking to promote good quality affordable nutrition to benefit us, and our future generations.

So a big thanks to Kill-Tiredness and Irina for playing a significant role in the promotion of affordable health and wellbeing supplementation to us all. And for also being given the opportunity to play a part, by relaying my own experiences and self-knowledge gained.

I hope this, and my other articles will provide increased knowledge, awareness, and food for thought as to how we can best help keep our bodies and mind in as healthy a state as possible.

Wishing all the very best in their health and great longevity,

Gene TJB Moss

Published: January 22, 2014