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Why am I Always Tired?

By Irina Bright
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*Why am I always tired?* - We try to provide some answers to this question below.

Indeed, I find myself constantly bemused by the fact that the much-trumpeted progress that we've been observing over the last several decades in all spheres of life - technology, industry, agriculture, trade, arts and so on - doesn't seem to have brought with it one simple, yet extremely important component of human happiness: good health.

constant tiredness

We currently witness an epidemic of all sorts of chronic health conditions taking the world by storm.

Constant tiredness is one such condition which can bring lots of misery to the ones experiencing it and, due to its "invisibility", often goes unrecognized by others as well as the medical profession.

Most people realize that they have a problem on their hands when quick fixes such as drinking coffee or tea don't deliver sustainable levels of energy in the long-term.

Of course, there are different degrees of severity experienced by each specific individual.

For some it may be just an occasional but unexplained lack of energy & feeling sub-par.

For others the condition is much more serious and may lead to a formal diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Environmental Illness) or a further underlying condition, ex. an underactive thyroid function, with tiredness as one of its symptoms.

One way or another, we will attempt to identify some common causes of constant tiredness & fatigue, and answer the ever-so-annoying "why am I always tired" question.

And while many of us are told that "there is no cure" out there, we demonstrate that Nutritional Therapy *is* a reliable, natural and safe solution for tiredness.

Why am I Always Tired? - Toxins in Our Bodies

As a matter of fact, I for one blame the very progress we are talking about for the unprecedented accumulation of all types of toxins in our bodies which are undoubtedly a major cause of tiredness & chronic fatigue.

The food that we eat, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe - all of that has been contaminated due to pollution as a side-product of our "progress".

Modern agricultural practices encourage a wide use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to grow fruits & vegetables, and animals are often fed genetically-modified food and given antibiotics to fight infections.

Our tap water is fluoridated for some illusional "dental health" benefits although fluoride is a known neurotoxin.

And the air is routinely poisoned by industrial & residential fumes.

Toxins are also present in a vast majority of everyday products - from toothpaste, soap & shampoos to household cleaners, medications, even clothes and so on.

While we are young, we may not notice much of their effect on our systems. But as we grow old, all this toxic weight goes deep into our cells and drags us down, both physically & emotionally.

Many infections we get during our lifetimes also stay in our systems and often reside in the intestinal tract for many years.

In that respect, we offer a whole range of superfoods, especially the green ones, with powerful detoxifying and other waste-removing qualities.

We recommend our following organic & premium products for everyday detoxification & promotion of healthy gut bacteria - barley grass powder, organic seaweeds, chlorella powder & spirulina powder. We also offer a big selection of other health foods all of which bring a certain degree of detoxification to our systems.

Why am I Always Tired? - Bad Nutrition & Vitamin Deficiency

It is no surprise then that our food is devoid of many essential nutrients - the toxins used to grow it destroy the quality of soil and ruin the basic structure & goodness of food in the process.

nutrient chart

Essential Nutrients Chart

There are some estimates that the nutrition of food we consume now is around 75% less than that of 30 - 40 years ago. "Progress", huh?

On top of that, cooking kills off valuable enzymes without which our bodies simply cannot function well. And eating fast food and other highly processed meals finishes off the "perfect storm" of bad health for generations of people around the globe.

The chart on the right shows us the essential nutrients - called essential because they sustain healthy human life.

They cannot be produced by the body and have to come from the diet.

The traditional medical science tells us that the essential nutrients required for good health are vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, while the growing-in-popularity natural medicine (of which I am a big supporter) also highlights the importance of frequently overlooked trace elements, enzymes and plant compounds.

As such, this is just a simple representation of what's physiologically required for good health while, in reality, there will be hundreds of other nutrients as well as environmental factors each playing their role in human well-being.

Vitamin deficiency is undoubtedly one major cause of tiredness.

We recommend that everyone consume raw organic food as much as possible within their circumstances.

Even a little bit of organic raw greens, vegetables or fruits a day will make a big difference over time - your body deserves it.

Why am I Always Tired? - Underlying Chronic Conditions

Constant tiredness can also be a symptom of an underlying chronic condition. This fact may be easily overlooked by either a person experiencing fatigue or doctors treating him / her.

There's a whole myriad of conditions associated with tiredness. In fact, just about any illness - due to its capacity to pull the whole body down - will cause a certain degree of fatigue.

Some conditions which are commonly associated with tiredness are auto-immune diseases (ex. ulcerative colitis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis), endocrine disorders (ex. hypothyroidism - an underactive thyroid), heart disease, depression and so on.

Low-quality food + a body's reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food due to illness = even more tiredness & fatigue.

Why am I Always Tired? - Sedentary Lifestyle

Many of us have office jobs these days - we spend endless working hours sitting at our computer desks & talking to people on the phone. And when we get back home, the only thing we want to do is watch TV and do nothing else.

trampoline, rebounding

Rebounding is a great way
to deal with tiredness

Such sedentary lifestyle usually leads to poor blood circulation & weak muscle function and, coupled with bad nutrition & vitamin deficiency, reduces the ability of the immune system to deal with stress & fatigue.

Experts now recommend that we do regular modest excercise at least several times a week: for example, 20 - 30 minutes of active excercise a day is much healthier than many-kilometers' marathons once or twice a month.

Rebounding is another gentle, yet highly efficient way of getting your body to move.

Taking a part-time job invloving some physical work, such as waiting in a restaurant, to break up your routine may be another option for some.

Whatever you decide, finding a combination of physical activities best suited to your own needs is a sure way forward.

Why am I Always Tired? - Chronic Overworking

Working too many hours a day, a week or a year is a fact that almost everyone now accepts as a necessary evil to have reasonably comfortable lifestyles.

Dull & repetitive work, or the work we don't really enjoy inevitably contribute to our bodies' mental and physical exhaustion - even though this all may be taking place in the background without us noticing much of it happen.

Needless to say that such a state of affairs may also lead to chronic stress & tiredness.

If you identify yourself with any of these statements, perhaps now is the time to reconsider your working life and make positive changes.

Sure, it's easier said than done and none of us are perfect (including myself!). But life is a process, and it is certainly never late to take full control of our own destinies.

Why am I Always Tired? - Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is what I call a curse of modern times. These days everybody loves to express their unhappiness about everything else, often missing the beauty of life on a bigger scale.

thumbs up, positive thinking

Always Stay Positive

I refer to negative thinking as mental pollution that doesn't allow us to liberate our emotional systems and thus affects our physical well-being as well.

I myself have been there many times and can testify, so to say, from first-hand experience.

I suspect that negative thinking may also be related to depression, and from this perspective may have a chemical imbalance in the brain as its root cause. Our natural super foods can be a fantastic support to anyone wishing to improve their brain's nutrition levels. Cacao powder is certainly one of my all-time favourites that I always recommend for supporting the work of the brain.

Please don't confuse negative thinking with critical thinking whose ultimate aim is to develop solutions to things we don't agree with.

Here is a rule of thumb:

Turn negative thinking into critical thinking with positive solutions to life's challenges which will be a major contributing factor to your overall well-being.

Why am I Always Tired? - Other Common Causes of Tiredness

Lack of proper rest: Adequate rest is an absolute must for anyone to feel energised and "ready for action". Sometimes we push ourselves too hard for too long before we reach the breaking point. Good night sleeps are an essential component of proper rest.

meditating woman

Staying calm is essential
for good health

Emotional stress: Emotional stress causes a release of toxins and thus becomes a major drain on the body's resources. This issue should be at the top of anyone's priority list when trying to tackle chronic tiredness. I had an extremely stressful event some time ago following which I noticed what must have been an enlarged lymph node straight under my right jaw & ear (not even to mention a general feeling of exhaustion). It took a long time for it to almost disappear thanks to nutritional therapy.

Alcohol & smoking: Alcohol & smoking are another culprits for sure. While most of us love to have good times, the negative effects of alcohol & smoking on the body are well documented. It takes me personally at least a couple of days to recover fully from a glass of red wine (and I don't smoke). Everyone has their own tolerance thresholds, and the final decision is of course all yours.

Noise pollution: Noise pollution is not an obvious but a significant cause of fatigue. We are bombarded by external noises virtually every minute of our lives, and spending enough time in quiet and peaceful surroundings is a must - with nature being possibly the best environment for this purpose. When going to the nature isn't possible, using earplugs may be an alternative solution.

"Empty" relationships: Having fulfilling & inspiring relationships with others is a vital piece of the "health puzzle" although not many people connect these two concepts to each other. When a relationship isn't working, we will feel it and should either work on improving it or have enough will power to make space for new ones. Also, simply being in love with someone seems to be a great positive factor in lifting our energy levels.

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