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Whole Berry Mix

100% pure mix
of dried whole berries of the world
Powerful Antioxidant Boost

  350g dried whole berries:
= approx. 2kg fresh berries
  Price: £35.00
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(except Norway).
Aronia berry
Golden (Incan) berry
Goji berry
* Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) grows mostly in the wild and is different from widespread common blueberries.
○ Delivers Exceptional Antioxidant Boost
○ Supports Heart & Brain Function
○ Supports Strong Vision
○ Organic & Natural Source of Vitamin C
○ Powerful All-Round Detoxification
○ Related Product: Berry Powder Mix
○ Finest ingredients from around of the world
○ Rich in unique phyto-chemicals
○ 1 portion of dried whole berries delivers 6 portions of fresh berries (1:6 ratio)
○ Take straight or mix with other foods.
Naturally-Occurring Antioxidant Boost.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you a selection of 5 amazing whole berries, as part of our branded Whole Berry Mix product.

These berries are filled to the brim with totally natural, food-state antioxidants and other phytonutrients. We hope these health-promoting compounds will help you get a sustainable energy boost and help to keep you "going for longer" :).

We have created a small range of berry-based products because we believe berries are rich in some of the most powerful antioxidants that are found in foods.

Our main article - Berry Powder - discusses in great detail the many health benefits of berries.

Below is a summary of some of the health benefits of the berries used in the Whole Berry Mix product.

(References 26 & 27)
  •   Phenols: bilberry

      Anthocyanins - delphinidin, cyanidin, petunidin, peonidin, malvidin.

      Flavonols - catechin, epicatechin; quercetin, myricetin, rutin.

      Phenolic acids - chlorogenic acid, caffein acid, ferulic acid, p-coumaric acid, ellagic acid, gallic acid.

      Stilbenes - trans-resveratrol.

  •   Essential nutrients and other compounds:

      Vitamins: C, E.

      Other compounds: dietary fibre.

  •   General action and health effects:

      Antioxidant activity - mostly thanks to anthocyanins;

      Cardioprotective activity;

      Reduces age-associated cognitive decline;

      Improves vision and eye health and reduces age-related retinal stress;

      Boosts brain & neural function;

      Anti-cancerogenic activity;

      Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities;

      Helps with diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders.

Aronia Berry
(Reference 6)
  •   Phenols: aronia berries

      Anthocyanins - cyanidin glycosides (3-galactoside, 3-glucoside, 3-arabinoside, 3-xyloside), pelargonidin (3-O-galactoside, 3-O-arabinoside)

      Procyanidins / catechins

  •   Essential nutrients and other compounds:

      Vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, tocopherols (vitamin E).

      Minerals: potassium, zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron.

      Other compounds: carotenoids, terpenes (b-sitosterol, campesterol), amygdalin.

  •   General action and health effects:

      Antioxidant activity - decrease in harmful superoxide levels, improvement of oxidative status in blood cells, overall reduction of oxidative stress;

      Anti-mutagenic and anti-cancer activity - achieved thanks to free-radicals-scavenging properties of anthocyanins;

      Cardioprotective activity - achieved thanks to anti-aggregative and vasoactive action of anthocyanins;

      Hepatoprotective activity - improved liver and kidney function and detoxification;

      Gastroprotective activity - increased production of gastric mucus, reduced oxidative stress;

      Anti-diabetic activity;

      Anti-inflammatory activity;

      Anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity;

      Radio-protective and immuno-modulatory activities.

(References 8 & 9)
  •   Phenols: elderberries, whole

      Quercetin, kaempferol, cyanidin, pelargonidin, p-coumaric acid, hyperoside.

      Tannins and viburnic acid.

  •   Essential nutrients and other compounds:

      Vitamins, minerals, trace elements: vitamins A, B, C; iron, phosphorus.

  •   General action and health effects:

      Antioxidant activity - anthocyanins help protect against colon cancer, influenza A & B virus, Helicobacter pylori.

      Antimutagenic activity;

      Cardioprotective activity;

      Folk medicine - used against fever and rheumatism, stomach ache, sinus congestion, constipation, diarrhea, sore throat, common cold, most likely thanks to tannins and viburnic acid.

Golden (Incan) Berry
(References 10 & 11)
  •   Phenols & other phytochemicals: incan golden berries, whole

      Flavonoids including quercetin, glycosides.

      Phytosterols, saponins.

      Tannins, alkaloids.

  •   Essential nutrients and other compounds:

      Vitamins: A, B-complex, C.

      Fatty acids, carotenes.

  •   General action and health effects:

      Antioxidant activity - thanks to high levels of polyphenols;

      Anti-cancerogenic activity;

      Anti-inflammatory activity;

      Anti-diabetes activity;

      Anti-hypertensive activity - against high blood pressure;

      Renoprotective activity - improves kidney function.

Goji Berry
(References 41, 42, 43 & 44)
  •   Valuable chemicals: goji berries fresh

      Carotenoids - lutein, zeaxanthin.


      Phenols - flavonoids, tannins, lignans.

      Betaine, cerebroside.

      Enzymes: superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase.

  •   Essential nutrients and other compounds:

      Vitamins: C; minerals & trace elements: copper, iron, zinc.

  •   General action and health effects:

      Antioxidant activity;

      Neuroprotective activity - improved cognitive function and protection against neurodegenerative disease;

      Anti-diabetic activity;

      Cardioprotective activity - with a potent antiatherosclerotic effect;

      Improved sexual function;

      Chinese medicine - used for treating “yin deficiency” in liver and kidney, also as an immuno-modulator and vision support.

Quality of Our Whole Berries

We try to source only the best organic berry ingredients from around the world.

You will most certainly feel the quality of whole berries from their taste, as well as the product's quick action.

The antioxidant content among different berries varies greatly - that depends on many factors including a berry’s variety, cultivation conditions and harvest date. (Ref. 6)

Some researchers also report that there is evidence supporting the higher levels of phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of wild berries compared with those domesticated and genetically modified crops. (Ref. 3)

This is not a big surprise because wild berries usually grow in mineral-rich and highly fertile soils that had been forming for many millions of years.

Whole Berry Mix has several wild-growing and rare berries. Once you try it, you will likely love it :).

Please note: all raw ingredients for this product are organic, but we cannot claim so on the product's packs because getting an official organic specification would force us to set higher retail prices - and we want to keep them as reasonable as possible.


Here are some benefits of taking Whole Berry Mix on a regular basis:

  1. Ongoing detoxification of the body - thanks to exceptional levels of antioxidants, specifically phytonutrients;
  2. Continuous supply of essential nutrients - vitamins, minerals & trace elements from numerous berries, all in just one product;
  3. Stable energy levels - thanks to the improved function of the immune system and metabolism.

How to Take Whole Berry Mix

1 portion of Whole Berry Mix contains approximately 6 portions of fresh berries.

whole purple berries
Berries with deep purple colours
are excellent detoxifiers.

Recommended dosage: 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls of whole berries per day.

This is a maintenance daily amount to be taken at any time of the day, with or without food.

For purposes of deeper detoxification, 3 tablespoonfuls per day can be taken.

      One of my personal favourite ways to use Whole Berries:

Put 1 teaspoonful of the berries (except gojis and incan berries) in a glass of red wine, 2 - 3 hours before consumption. It makes for a lovely drink with chewy, super-tasty berries!

Each pack provides 2-3 months supply of the whole berries, depending on your personal intake.

If berries are taken in excessive amounts, a slight loosening of bowel movements can occur.

As such, there are no any restrictions or major side effects to taking this product - because it is a pure food, without any additives and preservatives. This product is perfect for consuming on a daily basis - and it is very hard to over-dose on any of its specific nutrients because they are not isolated from each other but come together in the best possible form for the human body.

Occasionally, especially when taken on an empty stomach, our whole berries may cause a slight nausea - as a detoxifying side effect. This is normal and should disappear as your body gets adjusted to the health effects of this product.

Our beautiful retail tins are widely recyclable - please don't throw them away as rubbish, but re-use or recycle them :).

We have deliberately made all the product labels peelable. You can easily remove all of them from your tin and place your own labels depending on what you are planning to store in the tin. And ... thanks very much for being such a super-healthy, super environmentally-friendly consumer!

How is the Price for This Product Set?

Our aim has always been, and always will be, to offer a range of finest-quality, fast-acting, high-impact combinations of highly nutritious foods to our customers.

This means that we procure only the best raw ingredients for our products.

As an example, many of our berries grow in the wild, in the best mineral-rich soils.

For example, this is the case with the Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) which is included in this Whole Berry Mix product. Bilberry is a wild version of blueberries. The market price of dried bilberries is around 3 times higher than that of common dried blueberries.

We also try to include rare berries which aren't yet widely available, ex. Elderberry.

All of our ingredients are also certified organic.

Additionally, we try to use stylish yet recyclable packaging. Our retail tins are meant to not only give you an aesthetic pleasure but also provide an extra storage space for your kitchen. You can peel the labels off each tin and re-use the tins an endless number of times. Otherwise, you can simply re-cycle your tin, without any problem.

These are the major factors that determine retail prices for our products.

Whole Berry Mix is a sister product of our other branded product - Berry Powder (aka Powdered Berry Mix).

List of References for this article.

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