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When to Expect Results

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When to expect results from nutritional therapy?

Many common medical conditions - including tiredness & chronic fatigue - are mostly a result of our interactions with the environment.

Toxins that we acquire from water, air and food contribute to the deterioration of our health. Lack of many important nutrients in foods, as well as constant stress, lead to a further weakening of the immune system.

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These are the processes that take place in the background over a period of many years. We don't notice much of them happening because they are not obvious - they affect us slowly but surely, over our life-time.

So our efforts to heal the body & mind will invariably take some time as well.

Impurities have been accumulating in our bodies for many years - we cannot get rid of all of them in a day, or even a month. It might be too dangerous to put oneself on a drastic detoxification regime trying to achieve too much too quickly. It is more advisable to start on low doses of superfoods and build them up as your body gets used to healthy nutrition.

For example, Seagreens in particular are a very potent cleansing food. Taking these organic seaweeds too much within a short period of time will most likely result in unwanted short-term effects, such as liver ache or kidney ache. However, spreading the intake of seaweeds in smaller amounts over time will most likely generate very positive results in the long-term.

Obviously, there are different levels of needs for different people. Some of us may experience tiredness occasionally and would need some "pick-me-up" superfoods only. Others may have periods of constant tiredness and would require a more dedicated approach, and a wider selection of nutritionally rich foods. There will be a group of people who would experience symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and would even need professional help.

We suggest some simple steps of action for different types of needs in our article Where to start here.

So, depending on your individual circumstances, it may take anything from several weeks to several months and even a couple of years, to re-gain your health.

Persistence pays off. Stick to your plan of action, and no doubt it will bring at least some improvement you seek.

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