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Enrich Your Body With Vitamins and Other Nutrients

By Irina Bright
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Every day, our bodies require a whole set of essential nutrients in certain amounts - to keep us well-nourished, healthy and happy.

Essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids and various plant compounds (aka bioflavonoids).

These are the nutrients which are not synthesized by the body and have to be acquired from food.

In other words, if we don't get enough of these nutrients from food our bodies will have nowhere to take them from, and our systems will be nutrient-deficient.

Nutrient deficiency has been implicated in tiredness as well. More on causes of tiredness here.

Nutrients are best absorbed by toxin-free, cleansed bodies.

This allows vitamins and other essentials to *deep-nourish* tissues and cells ensuring that the body always delivers its best "performance".

We have discussed how to detoxify your body here.

Now let's have a look at the best ways to supply the body with essential nutrients.

Whole Superfoods are the Best Sources of Vitamins

The food that we eat is meant to provide us with all the essential elements required by our bodies.

Modern diets, however, are restricted to a limited number of cereals, fruits & vegetables plus an endless number of processed foods that are of low nutritional value.

Superfoods are
fantastic sources of nutrition
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Moreover, agricultural soils also lack in many nutrients due to the use of fertilizers and many other chemicals over the years.

In that respect, introducing superfoods into one's diet sounds like an excellent solution to tackling vitamin deficiencies.

Superfoods are superior sources of nutrition.

They are called "superfoods" because each of them has an exceptional array of nutrients all found just in one plant.

We offer a large selection of superfoods, and we encourage our customers to look around and see how they can benefit your health.

Green powders, such as barley grass, chlorella, spirulina and kelp powder, are especially highly valued for their detoxifying and re-vitaminizing properties.

But many other powdered superfoods - all rainbow-coloured! - offer some unique components that are not found anywhere else, and a variety of other vital compounds.

We cannot really feel physically that we are nutrient-deficient, and cannot take steps to correct the situation.

So it is important to look after our bodies in good time - before it becomes too late.

On the other hand, it is amazing that some other animals actually know intuitively when that is the case. For example, orangutans often eat soil or rock to replenish the minerals missing in their diets.

Avoid Taking Artificial "Multi-Vitamins" from Supermarkets

You may ask if taking "multivitamins" sold in supermarkets is a good way to top up on nutritionals.

My answer is a resounding *no*.

I used to take "multivitamins" before I educated myself on what the real sources of super nutrition were.

synergy colours
Nothing can replace
synergistic work of the nature
© Chandler Isaac Klebs

First of all, artificially isolating some vitamins and minerals and then dumping them together into a chemical cocktail that also includes many other harmful fillers and preservatives is hardly going to contribute to better health.

In fact, it may actually be more harmful than beneficial to our bodies.

Second, such "nutrients" often come from inferior industrial sources.

They also have extremely low absorbency rates which means that most of them are excreted from the body without adding anything valuable in the process.

Third, nothing can replace a complex combination of all the elements which work together in complete synergy within each superfood - exactly as the nature intended.

For example, minerals within each plant are naturally chelated. This means that they are naturally bound to amino acids which transport them efficiently to cells and tissues deep inside the body, with a very high absorbency rate.

Although there are supplements offering some laboratory-chelated minerals, I am personally sceptical that they are any better than the natural ones. As simple as that.

The food choices that we make over our life-times will determine the quality of our life - that is for sure.