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Vitamin Deficiency and Tiredness - Does One Contribute to Another?

By Irina Bright
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I am not going to deliver any sensational news here:

Many of us recognize that vitamin deficiency is a big issue of modern times, and has been so for at least the last 20 - 30 years.

To put it simply, lack of vitamins & minerals in the body can lead to tiredness and, more seriously, chronic fatigue via a couple of routes:

nutrient chart

Deficiency of essential nutrients
can cause tiredness & fatigue

1. Vitamin deficiency as a major cause of an underlying health disorder.

Oftentimes, a (un)diagnosed condition results in tiredness as being one of its symptoms.

Here are just some of such conditions: thyroid underactivity, colitis, arthritis, heart disease, depression, a whole variety of auto-immune disorders, and the list goes on & on.

Tiredness can also be a side effect of medication you may be taking to control your condition.

2. Vitamin deficiency as a direct cause of tiredness as such.

For example, we often hear that iron deficiency is a significant cause of low energy levels.

Also, people living in northern countries may feel less energetic & more lethargic due to lack of sunshine which leads to vitamin D deficiency.

More often than not, however, it is a whole variety of essential nutrients whose deficiency becomes a major issue and leads to all sorts of health imbalances.

Essential Nutrients as Free Radical Fighters

fruits essential nutrients

Fruits are full of
natural anti-oxidants.
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Essentials nutrients - i.e. vitamins, minerals, trace elements & enzymes - perform hundreds of functions within our systems.

One of the most important ones is fighting off free radicals.

Free radicals - which roam liberally throughout our bodies - drain our resources, drag us down and make us feel tired.

It is now widely accepted that they weaken our immune systems and contribute to ageing.

At some point - when the body gets too much of them - they'll erode the body's protection mechanisms and may give rise to serious chronic conditions.

Enter the wonderful anti-oxidants.

These are the components which obstruct the function of free radicals and neutralize them.

Many essential nutrients found in raw foods are natural anti-oxidants which work tirelessly to protect us from free radicals and strengthen our health.

Vitamin C is probably the best known anti-oxidant and, no doubt, a very popular one.

Why do we get such an immediate boost of energy after drinking a glass of orange juice or eating a kiwi?

Most likely, because of their high vitamin C content!

chlorella powder
Organic chlorella

While there are hundreds of isolated vitamin C supplements on the market, many of our wholefoods offer a natural source of vitamin C and numerous other anti-oxidants (ex., vitamin A, vitamin E, flavanoids, carotenoids and so on).

Our superfoods - ex. barley grass & chlorella - are, well, pure foods. Nothing has been isolated from them or added to them.

They deliver all anti-oxidants that we require in their "food state".

They absolutely burst with healthy nutrition & all their nutrients work in synergy with each other.

No pharma company will ever be able to find a "formula" to replace real foods - because they surely cannot compete with nature, and there's no need for that anyway.

Good Nutrition is Essential for High Energy Levels

Of course, it is a combination of many different factors which deliver high energy levels & make us feel positive about life in general.

But an abundant supply of vital essential nutrients is a physiological requirement for the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Provide your body with everything it needs, and it will provide you with limitless amounts of energy - no doubt about it.