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Treat Your Chronic Conditions

By Irina Bright
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We know that many cases of tiredness are often caused by some underlying chronic conditions.

  • One of the best examples here is thyroid underactivity, aka hypothyroidism.

General tiredness & often serious fatigue are well-known side effects of thyroid underactivity.

This condition is a classic example of how a certain mineral deficiency - iodine in this case - combined with some other factors can put one's system on a path to ill health.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is certainly an extreme case when a whole variety of neurological, immunological, endocrinal, genetic and other factors combine in the body, wreak havoc and ruin one's quality of life.

While medical profession doesn't provide clear causes of the chronic fatigue syndrome, it is generally also known as Environmental Illness.

This pretty much means that environmental toxins residing in our bodies & other external interferences are major culprits of this debilitating condition.

Virtually any health disorder will have tiredness as a side effect. So treating such disorders is essential for tackling accompanying tiredness, and is a first step towards complete recovery.

So how do we treat any health condition?

Treat Your Chronic Conditions - Naturally

You may have noticed by now that on our site we advocate totally natural methods for treating any disorder - big or small.

Many experts in the field (incl. world-renowned Dr. Linus Pauling) note that just about any illness can be traced back to either:

1) body's vitamin deficiencies,


2) body's internal toxicity.

And quite often in fact it's a combination of both.

barley grass powder, detoxifier
Barley grass
detoxifies our system

As you can see, a selection of our detoxifiers - barley grass powder, kelp powder, chlorella, spirulina & wheatgrass - will certainly help you remove most toxins from your body and keep it cleansed in the long-term.

But all of them are also what we call *wholefood multi-vitamins* because they contain all the essential nutrients + most non-essential ones.

By delivering such fantastic wholesome nutrition in a "food state" - just as the nature intended , we also remove the problem of vitamin deficiencies within our bodies.


  • By taking our green foods / detoxifiers / wholefood multi-vitamins, we solve the double-problem of vitamin deficiency & internal toxicity all at the same time.

  • And while you are undergoing this restoration therapy, you may want to try slowly introducing some of our energisers as well, ex. guarana powder & ginseng powder.

There are, of course, many specialized natural single-nutrient supplements which can be used for treating each specific condition.

For example, vitamin D deficiency is one of the causes for a whole list of deeply-seated chronic conditions. So high doses of vitamin D are frequently recommended for dealing with them.

We agree with this approach when it is a serious disorder and as such warrants consumption of high doses of essential nutrients at least for a certain period of time.

Regular topping up on specific important vitamins & minerals (e., Vit D & Vit C) may also be a good idea for the body's "general housekeeping" & maintenance of the immune system.

But as a rule of thumb, we recommend taking our wholefood super-powders on a daily basis which will sure keep us all on the right track.

You may be interested in learning how to start a detox process.