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Toxins in the Body

By Irina Bright
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Hey everyone, do you know that our bodies are full of toxins? Not much of a big news, you'll tell me - and I'll take you point.

However, I believe that the issue of toxicity is hugely underestimated - both by doctors who are supposed to help us deal with chronic illnesses (most of which are caused by toxins sitting deep inside our systems), and by an average Joe like you and me.

Even if we try to eat good food & lead generally healthy lifestyles, we are still exposed to a whole array of toxins lurking literally everywhere around us:

  • Food that we eat.

Modern farming practices include widespread use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and all sorts of other chemicals for growing food crops. We ingest all of them together with our food.

Eating organic food is, obviously, the best thing for our health.

But for most of us, it is not realistic to be on an exclusively organic diet. As things currently stand, many people cannot afford it (although it may be a matter of priorities), and also there's not always a good selection of organics available locally.

In spite of that, we should obviously try to do our best to consume the food of as good quality as only possible within our own circumstances.

  • Air that we breathe.

This issue is virtually impossible to avoid.

Although we may install air purifiers and enjoy clean air in our homes, we cannot escape outdoor pollution or any other toxic off-gassing in offices and other buildings.

Due to their tiny size, many air pollutants get easily lodged inside our lungs and, from there, travel throughout the body.

  • Water that we drink.

Tap water is certainly not as safe governments want us to believe.

On top of all the pollutants which are already present in tap water, it is also intentionally fluoridated (for some imagined "dental health" benefits) in many areas of the world. While fluoride, in fact, is a known neurotoxin.

Bath water is another significant source of toxicity that enters the body via skin contact.

  • Everything else around us.

Other things inside our homes which we don't immediately associate with toxins are, of course, many common household items ex. washing liquids, cleaners, air fresheners and so on.

  • And ... some really surprising products that you'd never think might be toxic.

You would be probably shocked to hear that some products which are supposed to be healthy for you, can actually be toxic. Read our article on toxicity of artificial, synthetic "vitamins" - Are Vitamins Toxic? - here.

Toxins place a huge burden on our systems - they drain us and inevitably lead to tiredness & chronic fatigue.

Sure, there are lots of different toxins around - some of them are more harmful than others.

For example, heavy metal pollutants affect the central nervous system and cause disorders such as autism & multiple sclerosis. Heavy metals are some of the hardest to remove from the body.

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However, it is definitely possible to achieve their removal by using a combination of green superpowders as well as other superfoods from our shop.

So it is important - now more than ever before - to actively & pro-actively detoxify our systems to reduce the chance of getting ill in the future.

I remember an interview with a famous tennis player Martina Navratilova on CNN during which she described her battle with breast cancer.

She said that she got cancer in spite of eating very healthy food, doing lots of exercise and leading a generally healthy lifestyle.

That exactly proves my point above.

Just leading a healthy lifestyle & being on a good diet these days is probably not enough for strong health.

It is almost a necessity to detox your body thoroughly and keep it cleansed in the long-term.

We talk more about detoxifying your body here.