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Take Superfoods - because they really do kill your tiredness.

By Irina Bright
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When I speak about superfoods, I speak - first and foremost - from my personal experience.

My love affair with superfoods started some years ago when I was going through a tough period in my life having to deal with some frightening health issues.

At that point I discovered nutritional therapy as a complete solution to my health problems. And since then, I really never looked back. This website is a natural outcome of all my previous efforts to spread the word about what I have learned myself.

So What Are Superfoods?

Definitions first, of course.

Superfoods are the foods which contain an unusually high concentration of essential nutrients required for healthy functioning of the human body.

For example, skinless boiled potatoes have a high content of carbohydrates but not much in the sense of vitamins & minerals or trace elements. So we can't really refer to them as a superfood.

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Kelp powder

On the other hand, kelp powder is a seaweed which provides a complete spectrum of nutrients, especially the ones - ex., iodine - which are not commonly found in many other sources of food. So we refer to kelp as a superfood.

Many of the superfoods we sell on our website are *broad-nutrient-spectrum* foods - with each supplying some unique compounds not present in any other food.

What are the Secrets to Strong Health?

As such, there are no secrets on how to be healthy - this knowledge is widely available to those willing to learn.

We have discussed many ideas about how to achieve radiant health in many other articles here.

But let's summarise the best ones below.

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We know that we can stay healthy - in body, mind & spirit - by just taking the following - quite easy - steps:

1.  Detoxifying the body

2.  Enriching it with essential nutrients - vitamins, minerals, etc

3.  Feeding it with active enzymes

4.  Feeding it with raw vegetables & fruits

5.  Doing regular exercise

6.  Taking proper rest, and

7.  Having a positive mindset & applying a holistic approach to our well-being.

I can almost certainly guarantee that we can kill tiredness for good - and most likely sort out many other health-related issues along the way - if we take these simple steps now.

One small step at a time is a way forward for most of us.

Why? Because this approach has been proven to work many times over.

And How do Superfoods Fit into This Whole Equation of Life Then?

Take another look at the first 3 steps in our list above, please.

Superfoods are excellent detoxifiers as well as concentrated sources of vital nutrients and active enzymes.

So by taking superfoods you'll be covering the first 3 steps all in just one action.

I believe it is hard to find a better alternative to taking superfoods - especially if you want to achieve sustainable long-term results in a totally natural way.

Although we loosely classify our superpowders as detox foods, adaptogens, general tonics & all-time favourites, all of them are good for many functions that we are seeking for health purposes.

So, we suggest the following plan of action to start with:

One step at a time works well for most people;

• Choose the best superfoods you fancy;

Alternate them on a regular basis;

• Keep an eye on how you feel;

• Make a decision on how to proceed with your superfoods; and

• Come back & tell us how you feel and for further feedback.

We wish you the best of health now and in the future.