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Feed Your Body With Enzymes

By Irina Bright
barley grass
Barley grass is
a fantastic source of enzymes

Elsewhere on this website, we've already talked about the importance of:

a) Deep but gentle detoxification of our bodies, and

b) Stable supply of vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients

to make sure our health stays strong - always.

We know that internal toxicity and vitamin deficiency are major causes of tiredness, and solving these two issues may help improve one's energy levels naturally.

We also pointed out that the body will absorb nutrients best when:

- The body itself is more or less free of environmental toxins, and

- All the nutrients come from quality foods.

So how do enzymes fit into the whole equation of life?

Probably the most important thing about enzymes is that nothing of the above would be possible without them.

Enzymes are the very catalysts of all these processes. They literally activate every bio-chemical reaction taking place within our bodies. Effective detoxification and efficient vitamin absorption will never happen without the amazing enzymes.

For example, there is a symbiotic relationship between enzymes and vitamins:

- On the one hand, enzymes rely on many vitamins to do their work, and

- On the other hand, vitamins are absorbed into the body purely thanks to the assistance from enzymes.

Detoxification of tissues and cells is also possible because enzymes break down the waste inside our bodies and escort them out of the system.

In other words, enzymes play an essential role in the body's everyday functioning, disease prevention and even cure.

So where do they come from and how can we make sure we get enough of them?

Most "External" Enzymes Come from Raw Foods

Our bodies are amazing entities.

They know what type of food we eat, and they produce enzymes to digest it accordingly.

If we eat fish or meat, our pancreas will produce protease enzymes to help us digest proteins.

fruit veg face
Raw fruits & veg
provide plenty of active enzymes

Likewise, if we eat bread or other carbohydrates, amylase enzymes will be produced to absorb this type of food respectively.

Some other types of enzymes are:

- lipase (fat breakdown),

- lactase (dairy products absorption),

- cellulase (breakdown of fibre),

- sucrase (sugar absorption).

But we also know that our bodies increasingly rely on external sources of enzymes for help with digestive & metabolic processes.

These external sources are the foods that we eat!

Unfortunately, modern diets include lots of cooked & processed foods devoid of natural goodness.

Enzymes are especially susceptible to heat.

They are "denatured" when cooked at a temperature above 45°C and are unable to perform their important functions.

This subsequently leads to all sorts of ailments and chronic diseases.

Of course, the solution is to eat as much RAW food as only possible.

So in simple terms, raw food is the food that has not been heated above 45°C, which means that most of its enzymes are intact and will work inside our bodies as the nature intended.

Many people adjust the foods that they eat to their tastes and lifestyles in general.

Some follow a 80%-90% raw diet, while for others the proportion is much lower.

Most of Our Superpowders are Raw

It is not the purpose of this article to provide dietary advice on raw foods as such.

maca powder
Our raw maca root powder
is a popular choice among
raw food lovers

The idea is to inform our customers of raw-food benefits and their health-boosting properties.

Our main aim is to offer a wide selection of raw whole foods in our online shop - the foods which you can easily incorporate into your diet and enjoy alongside other foods.

Enzymes are some of the most valuable nutrients that can be offered by any food.

So we try our absolute best to bring you the best-quality, organic or premium powders that will keep you well-nourished and feeling great.

Let's keep it in mind that eating a variety of raw foods including fruits & vegetables is the best way to get many different enzymes in to our systems.

Combining a generally good diet with our living superfoods is a sure path to success in your health journey!