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Invest in and Become Our Shareholder.

We are about to launch a very exciting equity crowdfunding campaign for our business. We will be looking to raise an equity investment in our business starting from £5,000.


Recently adopted UK legislation allows any individual - from anywhere in UK and Europe - to become an investor in our business, starting from as little as £10. That means that, for such a small amount, you can now become a co-owner of our business. Of course, you are more than welcome to invest as much as you want. In fact, the more you invest, the higher the ownership of our business you will have.

If you want to stay informed of when our campaign launches, please sign your email address up to our distribution list below.

Further background

We are a small start-up company working to improve health of our customers through whole, nutrient-rich foods.

We are very passionate about what we do - we believe that tiredness, chronic fatigue as well as many other common medical conditions can be naturally healed through small, but consistent changes in diet and lifestyle in general.

The business was officially launched in September 2012 and has been steadily moving forward since then.

In March 2013, we have managed to raise a small amount of private investment giving us that financial & emotional boost which is SO important for any business at the start of their journey.

We are now looking for more partners who would love to join us in this wonderful journey.

This is a small private investment opportunity UK - for sophisticated investors who can appreciate potential rewards that investment in an exciting start-up can bring, but who can also appreciate the risks involved in putting money in unproven businesses.

If our business tickles your fancy and you'd love to invest in us, please get in touch!

Many private investors and venture capital companies from around the world are now showing an increased interest in promising start-up companies. Here are just some countries with a large number of investors that demonstrate such specific interest in seed investments in international start-ups:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, numerous other European countries, Russia, Australia.
Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar.
Asian countries.

We look forward to working with you.

Irina Bright

Letter of Invitation

Dear Potential Investor,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company Kill-Tiredness-Now and familiarize you with our line of organic, raw, superfood, and branded energy products - Powdered Berry, Whole Berry, and Fine Milled Seaweed Mixes.

Each product has its own unique characteristics; however, what they all share in common is the ability to help the consumer rid their body of toxins, supply them with exceptional nutrition, and increase their energy levels.

How? The new buzz in health and nutrition is plant-based whole foods. These are nutrient-dense foods which are the foundation of our products and are abundant in exactly what the average consumer is missing on a daily basis: antioxidants, phytochemicals, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals); just what the doctor ordered to boost the immune system while fighting off free radicals and oxidative stress – the precursors to chronic disease and illness.

Our mix of wild, rare berries and fruits are specially selected from around the globe and our wild Artic brown seaweeds are harvested from the pristine marine environment of the Outer Hebrides Islands in northern Scotland. All of our products present with an exceptional nutritional profile and are classified as “functional foods.” The Mayo Clinic defines functional foods as “foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.”

The primary idea behind Kill-Tiredness-Now is providing products which support a holistic approach to health, wellness, and healing. Our berry and seaweed mixes are easily absorbed and highly bioavailable to the body. These superfoods are also fast acting, high-impact products which, when taken on a regular basis, deliver superior health-related results. These improvements will result in individuals sharing with others who have similar concerns and goals.

Kill-Tiredness-Now appeals to a wide variety of consumers. Our primary target market and consumer base consists of two types of individuals.

The first market is concerned about:

1. Nutrient deficiencies

2. Build-up of toxins in the body

3. Lack of essential digestive enzymes (due to a diet of processed and overcooked foods).

These consumers are overworked, overtired, overstressed, overweight, and just plain sick and tired, with a resulting loss of energy that makes every day a chore. Improving their nutrition not only improves their physical condition, but their state of mind and mental clarity as well. When results are achieved, belief in the ability to regain health and energy are restored.

Our second target market and consumer base consists of consumers who are already health conscious, lead an active lifestyle, and want to keep on fine-tuning their goals. These consumers possess a positive mindset and are an inspiration for others to do the same.

Kill-Tiredness-Now was established in 2012; a growing business now looking for investors in order to assist in the company’s expansion. We acknowledge your company’s commitment and responsibility when it comes to choosing wise investments and Kill-Tiredness-Now can complement the investment decisions you’ve made in the past.

Our products appeal to the over one-third of adult consumers in the U.S. market who spend approximately $34 billion dollars every year on alternative medicine in their quest for good health. The 2007 survey from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention identified this market, and while this number does include some dietary supplements, it doesn’t include the over $11 billion dollars consumers spend annually on vitamins and minerals too.

With a labor force of approximately 150 million people in the United States today, a strong shift towards white-collar jobs, an increase in wages, and more women and older people working than ever before, the time is now for making raw, organic, and whole food based products available in the marketplace on a larger scale.

There is a growing trend towards these type of products as opposed to synthetic nutritional support. Why? Due to the increase in knowledge about the synergistic approach to health, isolated synthetic nutrients are becoming a thing of the past.

In an earlier market, nutritional products were sometimes viewed as something to be purchased with disposable income; however, with endless trips to the doctor and finding no real help, expensive prescriptions, and never-ending medical bills, consumers are clearly ready to explore other options and find the long-term solutions and results they deserve.

Our goal is to be this solution and include you and your company in our endeavors.

Please Contact Us with any questions or other inquires you may have concerning our product line.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Irina Bright