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Sedentary Lifestyle

By Irina Bright

Those of us having office-based jobs spend a lot of time sitting at our computer desks or talking on the phone.

On top of that, arrival of computer games, XBoxes, iPads and all sorts of other electronic devices has literally monopolised our home time and confined us to living rooms, instead of sending us to gyms.

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Active lifestyle is a sure road
to better health.
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No surprise then that we are so accustomed to our classical sedentary lifestyles.

It is, indeed, hard to break this "sitting cycle" and get ourselves out and about for the better of our health.

We know very well that the lack of movement and time spent outside in the fresh air is a big contributor to constant tiredness & fatigue.

A so-called Sick Building Syndrome - when objects inside a building (ex., furniture) release tiny but harmful air pollutants & other toxins into the indoor air - is another major cause of low energy levels and physical apathy.

Since times immemorial, human beings - being hunter-gatherers - had to cover many miles of territory with their feet foraging for food. Physical activity was a natural part of life that kept our ancestors fit and healthy.

Physical movement is the most important agent of blood circulation.

Our limbs go cold and sometimes numb if blood is not supplied properly to these parts of the body.

But efficient blood supply is also absolutely crucial for delivery of oxygen deep into the cells of our bodies.

Cell oxygenation is, of course, vital for many functions of the body including detoxification.

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