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Rosehip Powder

Please note: We have now fully replaced rosehip powder with camu camu powder which is a truly exceptional food and one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

You can also now buy Rosehip powder as an ingredient of our Berry Powder here.

Rosehips are fruits of the rose plants which grow in many parts of the world and are very popular thanks to their amazing taste and medicinal properties.

These fruits are well-known for their high content of vitamin C and overall anti-oxidant potential. (Ref. 1)

Their anti-oxidant capacity is certainly one big reason why many people consume them for detoxification purposes. (Ref. 2)

They also have strong anti-inflammatory effects on our bodies, and have proven to be a wonderful remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of bone-related conditions. (Ref. 3 and 4)

Just like many other nutritious foods, rosehips contain a variety of phytochemical compounds (aka botanicals) which help boost our general health and energy levels as a result of their synergistic action. (Ref. 5)

Rosehip fruits can be eaten raw or brewed into tea which are, for example, popular methods of their consumption in Russia.

We offer premium-quality rosehip powder.

You can eat rosehip powder literally any way you want. Sprinkle it over your breakfast cereal or any other food you fancy.

Eat it straight from the spoon, or mix it with yogurts or drinks.

Also, try mixing it with some of our other fantastic powders, ex. cacao powder, maca powder or lucuma powder.

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Rosehip Powder
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