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Period Pain Relief

By Irina Bright
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Below I discuss some natural remedies that I use for my period pain relief.

I used to take at least 1 or 2 pain-killers on the first day of my period - my periods were very painful. I specifically remember my teenage years when the period cramps were at their peak point, so to say.

Of course, I was trying as much as I could, not to take any pain-killers and simply "go through the day" and "wait it out". Perhaps, you tried it too. It just never really worked for me. I always had to resort to a pain-killer at the end - it was always an easy option.

Recently I started wondering how ancient women were dealing with their period pain.

Did they even have it? I assume that ancient humans were enjoying the best of organic raw foods available, plenty of fruits and vegetables, living mostly in the wild nature. Food never underwent any processing, and was never "enhanced" with additives and preservatives. Logically, we can perhaps conclude that such foods were helping women's own bodies to deal with period pain - if they ever had it in the first place.

But modern life-styles don't easily provide us with these small luxuries of unprocessed organic foods and clean countryside. Although I truly believe, that if you really want it - you can most certainly create and live the life you want.

My Favourite Natural Period Pain Relief - Barley Grass Powder

I discovered pain-killing effects of barley grass powder by chance several years ago, when I was dealing with a number of then-unexplained symptoms. I followed someone's recommendations and started taking barley grass for general detoxification purposes.

At that time, I noticed that barley grass also helped me with my bone pain.

Following this realisation, I decided to try barley grass for period pain relief as well. It worked really well!!!

So, why is barley grass so effective at killing period pain?

We can't say anything for certain. But our basic assumption is that this pain-killing effect may come as a result of barley grass's anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its outstanding variety of essential nutrients and enzymes.

You can learn more about barley grass powder here.

How to Stop Period Pain Naturally

We highly recommend that you take a 100% pure organic barley grass powder as a drink dissolved with water, without any additives or preservatives.

You can take AS MUCH OF IT AS you need. I have taken A LOT OF barley grass over the last several years.

From my personal experience, there are no side-effects from using barley grass.

The only side-effect could be too much liquid in your stomach causing some temporary discomfort. In that case, just use a smaller quantity of water with a higher quantity of barley grass powder.

Take it as needed - right before your period, on the 1st day of your period and / or on any other days as required.

I found that taking barley grass liberally during the period time works really well at stopping period pain naturally.

I usually take a glass of barley grass drink twice a day on the first day, and that is generally enough for me.

I would also highly recommend taking some Seagreens during your period. Seagreens will provide your system with numerous powerful sea-based minerals & trace elements. This support is very important in times that are physically challenging for our bodies. Additionally, berry powder can provide the body with even further support for painful periods.

A warm bath taken with some essential oils can also help greatly. For example, essential oils that I like are lavender and ylang ylang - but first make sure they are not irritant to your skin.

My gut feel is that barley grass has a slight blood-thinning effect. So, in combination with a warm bath, it can help to push out a lot of blood during the first couple of days, making it easier to deal with the rest of the period time. This may also lead to period times being generally shorter.

Naturally, we should exercise some caution to make sure we don't lose too much blood all of sudden. I suppose that can only happen if you over-do all the suggestions above.

Removing as much stress as possible from our daily lives would be a great help as well.

Eating Whole, Nutritionally-Rich Foods over Time Helps with Period Pain Relief over the Long-Term

Since I started my *whole foods journey* several years ago, I noticed numerous other benefits related to my periods. I summarise them below.

Before periods, I used to have:

•   Swollen, slightly painful-to-touch breasts - normally starting many days before the period,

•   Dull pain in the womb - normally starting many days before the actual period, giving an impression that the period was about to start - but it never did for many days to come.

I don't get either swollen breasts or pain in the womb before each period any more.

During periods, I used to have:

•   Big, thick chunks of congealed blood,

•   A relatively long duration of each period - at least 5 - 6 days

I still get some congealed blood, but I don't get big & thick chunks any more, and my periods are much shorter - 3 - 4 days.

After periods, I used to have:

•   Small drips of blood between the periods.

I no longer have them.

By the way, I stopped using tampons a long time ago, due to their potential toxicity.

The most interesting thing here is - I wasn't deliberately trying to sort out issues with my period as such. These positive changes happened as a result of me trying to deal with my other health issues - see my health story here.

It just goes to show that raw & whole foods are amazing at re-balancing our systems - in many more ways that we will ever know.

And tiredness should simply "melt away" once we remove stress and introduce a variety of whole foods into our lives.

Period Pain Relief for Teenagers

Dear young ladies, I believe the remedies I described above would help you as well.

I remember myself during my teenage years, and how hard it was to get used to painful periods.

It IS possible to manage period pain naturally - barley grass is just one remedy you can try.

An important point here is to keep an open mind and try many different natural alternatives, until you find the ones that work specifically for you.

And ... remember to treat yourself to some dark chocolate or even milk chocolate during your period :). You very well deserve it!

Why Sharing Such Personal Information?

I was quite apprehensive before writing this article and not sure at all whether to share such personal details with the world.

But then I realised that many ladies would probably be interested in this experience. I do hope some of the natural period pain relief remedies mentioned above will help you as well.

You can buy top-quality barley grass powder here.

As always - wishing you the best of health.