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Organic Certifications for Our Super Foods

We work hard to bring our customers best-quality superfoods at lowest prices.

Most of our superfoods are organic, and many of them are also raw.

We work with our wholesale partners to procure products on our behalf. It is the manufacturers of these products that get them certified as Organic with a number of UK authorities.

These manufacturers have to go through a rigorous process before their products can receive an organic certification.

All our foods are totally safe to consume. Of course, there are some basic precautions that some powders may have. For example, guarana powder. People with pre-existing heart conditions are recommended to be careful with this product as it has a high caffeine content.

Apart from that, all our powders are pure foods and not medications. You can be confident that we absolutely don't add any other fillers / chemicals to them whatsoever.

The concept of raw means that a product is never heated above 45°C during their processing. This approach ensures that most enzymes and other valuable nutrients are kept intact and not majorly affected during their preparation.

Raw foods are very powerful healers and potent energy foods. They can remove any vitamin deficiencies, detoxify our bodies and bring them back into balance relatively quickly. That is one major reason we recommend them for tiredness and fatigue.