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Nutritional Therapy with Irina Omelkova

By Irina Bright

We have recently teamed up with Ms Irina Omelkova to offer our customers a nutritional service from a fully-qualified nutritional therapist. Irina spends her time both in London and Vilnius, Lithuania and is available for Skype consultations for the convenience of our customers.

Service Description

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Hello, I am Irina Omelkova, Nutritional Therapist (FdSc/Dip.ION). I have 8 years of practice and am now working on Master’s Degree (MSc) in Functional Medicine at the University of Westminster.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Qualified Nutritional Therapists use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.

What is the Difference between a Nutritional Therapist and a Nutritionist?

A Nutritional Therapist considers each individual to be unique and recommends personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. She/he should have at least 2 years of clinical practice and have an appropriate insurance. She/he is responsible for their professional advice and could be banned from the service for professional pitfalls and negligence.

A Nutritionist gives general advice according to the guidelines recognised by the Food Standards Agency and NHS, they are not taking legal responsibility for their advice as the advice they give is supposedly general advice.

My Practical Approach

Let us think about how Nutritional Therapy’s approach is different from the conventional medicine approach in tackling a disease/illness.

Imagine, you visit a doctor with a chronic tiredness / low energy levels. What would you expect?

First (and this is right!), you will be offered a test to check the levels of Iron in the body. Second, they will suggest a check of your Thyroid hormones. Great! You are lucky if the doctor decides to examine your B12 status. Deficiency of those three indeed may be a cause for tiredness and fatigue.

The doctor will prescribe you alternatives for those nutrients/hormones if the deficiency has taken place.

However: can we really address the problem by replacing something that is missing from the body with something that is made by human hands or / and is inorganic: Levothyroxine - a synthetic analogue of the hormone thyroxine - will replace it in the thyroid. But because this is only an analogue and the right doze of this drug for your body is impossible to predict, it may give you side effects.

Cyanocabalamine will replace B12 and put a burden on your liver, as a molecule of cyanide it is actually a poison. Finally, Ferrous sulphate (actually this is rust!)-will give your body inorganic iron plus tendency to constipation and high possibility of haemorrhage of the internal digestive organs.

Do you follow the trend? Your doctor was dealing with symptoms (chronic tiredness/fatigue). Synthetic/inorganic replacements give us side effects, in addition to your tiredness.

If you decide to visit a qualified Nutritional Therapist, especially a practitioner who adopted a Functional Medicine approach, you will be amazed at how differently they will look at the situation.

There will be many questions asked:

   Why are your Iron levels low? Could it be a consequence of low hydrochloric acid formation in your stomach? Or should your diet be amended? Or, maybe your body needs more vitamin C in order to absorb more iron?

   Why are the levels of B12 low? Is your stomach infected by Helicobacter Pylori and a part of the stomach, responsible for production of this vitamin is damaged? Is your diet deficient in foods with B12 content? Do you have a bacterial overgrowth or parasitic infection, which may affect the B12 absorption? Or, maybe you overuse indigestion tablets?

   Why doesn't your thyroid produce enough thyroxine? Maybe, you have adrenal insufficiency due to heightened immunological response? Or maybe you simply have some mineral deficiencies (for instance, iron or iodine), as they are required for thyroxine production! Or maybe you use fluoride-based toothpaste and drink fluoridated water while the fluoride is replacing the iodine in your body, contributing to low thyroxin production?

There are many other reasons for fatigue and tiredness, including hidden immunological reactions and blood sugar regulations, body toxicity and adrenal insufficiency.

There are many questions to ask at the consultation and too many pieces to put together for a big picture.

The advice given, according to the findings will contain dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well a the use of nutraceuticals when needed.

I am very careful in my recommendations for nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, herbs and wholefood supplements). I use only high quality wholefood supplements and herbs. The sources are thoroughly checked and researched. My principle is to avoid hand-made synthetic supplements and provide a client with better and safer alternatives. As I have knowledge in aromatherapy, I freely use essential oils of therapeutic grade in my practice - this helps us achieve faster and more pronounced effects.

I can also help with weight management, as well as other medical conditions. Simply ask us for further information :).

I offer distant consultations over Skype, allowing my service to those living in remote areas and people with busy lifestyle with little time to attend a consultation personally. The consultation lasts one hour. This plan offers a complete consultation and the cost of is £50.

There is a lighter alternative of a consultation to those, who are aware of their diagnosis and would like to be consulted on dietary approach and lifestyle changes as well as the correct use of nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals and herbs) and use of essential oils in wellness and beauty regime. The cost of the half an hour consultation is £25.

I have a full professional insurance for my practice.

Note by Irina Bright.

Warm welcome, Irina. With your knowledge and experience, I am sure we can help many of our customers beat tiredness.

Just to add several things to your points above.

I wrote a detailed article on how tiredness can be caused by vitamin & mineral deficiencies here. The article cites under 100 academic references for further proof how many of us can go under-nourished without ever realising it.

So, if you, lovely visitor, experience regular bouts of unexplained tiredness and are considering professionally-supervised Nutritional Therapy to help you deal with it, we believe it is certainly worth a try.

And, of course ... two Irinas in just one place cannot go wrong!

Please feel free to get in touch to assess your needs and see how we can help, by contacting us at:

or via Skype:   irina_ignatova