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Nutritional Products

If you are a nutritional therapist looking for  fast-action, high-impact  nutritional products for your clients, warm welcome to our website.

We work directly with UK-based therapists, and are able to offer you a range of carefully selected, very effective nutritional aids for your clients.

Super Blends of Raw & Whole Foods

Our aim is to deliver highly effective blends of numerous whole foods that will support you in your work with clients.

We understand your challenges of trying to achieve results as quickly as possible.

Our nutritional products can fit nicely into your existing work schedules and will work well alongside other supplements that you already offer to your clients.

Our products are combinations of many different nutritionally-dense foods which have been blended together into just several products. Their effects are many times stronger than, for example, taking just one food at a time.

They teem with  antioxidants, organic marine minerals & other nutrients  and, we dare suggest, may accelerate the healing process of your patients.

Below is a selection of nutritional products we offer at the moment.

Powdered Berry Mix
berry powder retail tin
100% pure powder & granule mix of
berries & fruits
~ 2kg fresh berries & fruits ~
Whole Berry Mix
whole berry retail tin
100% pure mix
of dried whole berries
~ 2kg fresh berries ~
Seaweed Mix
dried seaweeds retail tin
100% pure blend of
Seagreens Wild Wrack Species
~ 1.4kg wet seaweeds ~

We do a lot of research on the ingredients that go into our nutritional products, and provide detailed information and references that you can use in your work as well.

We also love to receive feedback & further suggestions on how to improve our products :).

Any questions, please contact us here.