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Nutrition Research - Submit Your Articles

By Irina Bright

Why we believe Nutrition Research is crucial for present and future generations.

Nutrition, undoubtedly, plays a huge part in our well-being and overall happiness.

I founded this business in September 2012 following my personal experiences and health-related scares several years ago. Tiredness was almost a constant of my life at that time.

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Having realized that my body was deficient in basic nutrients, I started treating whatever was happening to it with superfoods, and it worked.

Since then I have decided to promote consumption of healthy foods. This business allows me to make a living and, at the same time, spread the knowledge about nutrition.

Not only does our business try to provide nutritional solutions to most common *tiredness & chronic fatigue* issues, it also aims to contribute further knowledge to the field of nutritional therapy on a wider scale.

I do a lot of nutrition research for our articles myself and try to provide as much referenced information as possible.

On the other hand, we are always open to academic co-operation with Universities and Colleges around the world.

Educational institutions do a lot of fabulous work in respect of nutrition research.

More and more people are taking an interest in natural solutions to stronger health and trying to avoid the use of synthetic medication for treating common medical conditions. So naturally there is a big demand to learn more about wholefoods nutrition as well.

To meet this growing demand, Universities, Colleges and other educational establishments offer a number of offline and online courses in nutritional therapy.

While students expect to learn the basics of nutritional science from such courses, they also have an opportunity to do further research on many related topics.

We know that many up-and-coming nutrition professionals would like to get their work published online for others to appreciate their expertise in this area.

And we would be absolutely thrilled to get such research published on our website.

So, are you a teacher looking to promote the work of your students? Or, are you a student looking to get your work published online? Or, are you a professional willing to publicise your work in general? Then we will be happy to work with you!

Nutrition research: What Do *We* Expect From Such Co-Operation?

We would very much welcome research articles covering the following issues:

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  • Research around the topics related to tiredness & chronic fatigue:
    • Common causes of tiredness
    • Treatments focused on nutritional therapy
    • Other alternative treatments that specifically exclude conventional synthetic medication
  • Research around chronic conditions which have tiredness as a serious symptom, ex. thyroid underactivity,
  • Research on how toxins affect the body and mind, and what alternative treatments are available out there, with the specific focus on nutrition,
  • Research on other related topics,
  • We would like to ask for original articles only please. While research conclusions may, of course, be published in other publications, our only request is that an article published on our website (its whole concept, its wording and the way it is presented) be an original one.

As such, we are not looking for completely original nutrition research findings - although they are more than welcome, too, of course.

We want to spread both the existing & new knowledge related to nutrition.

To this end, any college & university essays, extracts from dissertations and other research papers submitted as part of your grade assignment, or any other assignment, will be most welcome.

Please make sure your educational institution allows publication of your work elsewhere online. Feel free to explain to them the benefits of your research being published - see the section "What Can *You* Expect In Return" below.

If you are an existing nutrition professional, you may want to promote your previous or current research - if so, we'd be happy to talk to you, too.

After you send us your article, we will read it, check the references and then publish it. Please note that we cannot guarantee the publication of your paper. But we are pretty certain that if it is a high-quality originally-written article on a relevant topic, it WILL be published.

Nutrition research: What Can *You* Expect In Return?

So, what are the benefits for you, of getting your work published on our website?

If you are a student:

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Grow your career and business
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  • Let potential employers see your previous work and help them assess your expertise,
  • Establish your name online as an expert in your area,
  • Use your articles as a forum to get comments from our visitors and invite your colleagues to join your discussions as well,
  • Get a link back to your own website if you have one,
  • Simply share your expertise to help us spread the knowledge about healthy nutrition.

If you are a nutrition professional:

  • Promote your own practice or other business online,
  • Get a link back to your own website if you have one,
  • Get more online searchers to see your expertise and buy your services / products,
  • Use your articles as a forum to get comments from our visitors and invite your colleagues to join your discussions as well,
  • Share your expertise to help us spread the knowledge about healthy nutrition.

All in all, use our website as a valuable online marketing tool to help launch your career and grow your business.

Interested? Please get in touch here.

We look forward to working with you.

Irina Bright