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Natural Remedy for Pain Relief

Natural remedy for pain relief is indeed available to anyone, anywhere around the world.

Many of us understand that taking over-the-counter pharmaceutical pain-killers on a regular basis usually brings some really unpleasant side-effects with them, and we are not happy with this status-quo.

But we are living through some very exciting times.

The excitement starts when we realise that there are, absolutely, some wonderful natural remedies for pain relief and alternative pain-killers that nature has so generously shared with us.

One of them - barley grass powder - is my personal favourite natural pain-killer.

The name may sound totally unusual to you.

But, I am sure, the benefits of taking this remedy will amaze you - in some way or another.

Natural Remedy for Pain Relief - Bone Pain

The very first time I noticed pain-killing effects of barley grass powder was completely by chance.

I was going through a hard period in my life, experiencing some symptoms which I couldn’t explain at the time. (Now I know they were all related to major nutrient deficiencies in my body.)

One of the symptoms was dull-to-sharp bone pain in my upper left hip joint.

At that time, I was taking barley grass powder following some recommendations on how to improve my general health.

I remember one day I had a really sharp pain in my left hip joint.

As a pure coincidence, I took a glass of barley grass drink and, half an hour later or so, I noticed that my bone pain was gone.

Obviously, I couldn’t be happier about it.

Natural Remedy for Pain Relief - Period Pain

Following my experience with bone pain, I decided to check if barley grass powder would also help with my period pains.

And sure enough, it did.

Since then, I never took another pharmaceutical pain-killer for my periods.

I usually take a glass of barley grass drink twice, on the first day of my period. And that is enough for me not to feel any pain.

I am sure barley grass powder, as a natural remedy for period pain relief will help many ladies manage this pain, without having to resort to harmful chemicals.

Natural Remedy for Pain Relief - Other Types of Pain

The only pain I have now is period pain. My bone pain is long gone. And so I can’t comment on any other types of pain from my personal perspective.

These days, I recommend natural remedies for pain relief to a wide audience of people.

Many of them are my own relatives, of course!

My aunt recently started taking barley grass powder for her persistent stomach ache which could be caused by either harmful bacteria or even ulcers.

So far, she is reporting some positive results.

I haven’t tried barley grass powder for headaches because I just don’t have them. Please do let us know if this natural remedy for pain relief works for your headaches!

How Does Barley Grass Powder Work?

Barley grass contains a wide range of powerful nutrients which come together all in one place, to make a real positive impact on the body.

It also possesses some unique enzymes which, I believe, might help reduce inflammation in the body - because pain is frequently caused by local inflammation.

In other words, it may possess some anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce pain throughout the body.

I wrote a product article on barley grass powder that you might also find useful.

Green juices, in general, are great natural anti-inflammatories. If your main issue is period pain, you can try taking green juices (ex., spinach & kale juice) a couple of days before your period and then for a couple of days after it starts.

I would suggest using a little bit of seagreens alongside barley grass powder, for a further synergistic effect.

I also heard that turmeric is a great pain-killer but I haven’t tried it yet.

You can also read more about my own personal health story here. I hope it could help someone as well.

Of course, many plants have amazing healing powers which have been widely explored by numerous lovers of natural medicine.

One of them is Diana Ketchen who is happy to offer our readers an in-depth article about Medicinal Plants and Their Uses and Benefits here.

We hope you'll enjoy the article the same way that we did :).


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