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MSM Powder

MSM stands for "methyl sulphonyl methane". It is an organic sulphur compound that is naturally found in plants and foods.

MSM powder may help with protein formation. (Ref. 1) As we know, the presence of high quality protein is crucial for strong health.

This sulphur compound may also contribute to increased levels of glutathione - a very important antioxidant. (Ref. 2)

MSM is widely used in natural cosmetics products. It is also believed to help with arthritis and other bone-related conditions. (Ref. 1)

MSM powder is also a powerful detoxifying agent, and is recommended for any protocol aimed at removing toxins from the body. (Ref. 3)

Thus, it may help us to regain energy in a natural way as well.

How to Take MSM Powder

Small amounts of MSM are always recommended at the start of any healing programme.

500mg to 1g per day, gradually increasing to 3g per day.

A good way to take MSM is to make your own capsules using a capsule machine and empty capsules. You can also combine MSM with any other powders - all in one capsule.

Your can also buy ready-made MSM capsules.

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MSM Powder
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