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Maqui Powder

You can now buy Maqui powder as an ingredient of our Berry Powder here.

Maqui berry tree (Aristotelia chilensis) is found in the South American countries of Chile and Argentina.

While it has always been well known to local populations as a source of great nutrition, purple-in-colour maqui berry (also known as Chilean wineberry) is relatively new to international consumers.

Maqui powder is now available from many online retailers. The powder is made of freeze-dried berries.

Maqui powder is also gaining more recognition around the world thanks to the earlier popularization of its better known Brazilian "cousin" - acai berry.

Maqui berries get their purple colour from a high content of anthocyanins which are flavonoids that are believed to offer many healing properties. Such health benefits may include prevention and control of: (Ref. 1 and 2)

  • cancer,
  • degenerative and neurological diseases,
  • general inflammation within the body,
  • bacterial infections.

Anthocyanins are, of course, powerful antioxidants.

So we are specifically interested in the high contents of all antioxidants present in the maqui powder. Antioxidants fight free radicals and help us keep our bodies free of toxins - and therefore, free of any potential chronic illness.

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