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Lucuma Powder

Lucuma Powder
lucuma powder

Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) is a popular nutritious fruit which is cultivated in Peru and some other countries of South America.

It has a wonderful and unique sweet taste - once you try it, you will certainly remember it.

Thanks to its smooth flavour and aroma, lucuma makes a great addition to desserts such as ice cream and cakes and everything else we can possibly imagine.

Full of healthy nutrition: vitamins (incl. B-complex), minerals (incl. iron), carbohydrates and proteins - lucuma may be a great source of energy for those seeking to improve their diets and general well-being. (Ref. 1)

Scientists are starting to discover more direct benefits of lucuma for our health. In one study, lucuma nut oil was found to accelerate wound healing and promote skin regeneration, suggesting further applications in medicine and skin care. (Ref. 2)

As a natural sweetener, lucuma powder can make almost any other food in our shop taste better.

Try adding lucuma to cacao powder and add some vanilla as well. Add a little bit of water and a drop of hemp seed oil and eat straight - what a delicious and healthy treat.

For other purely sweet combinations, sprinkle lucuma + goji berries and mulberries over your cereal, or add them to yogurts.

Lucuma can also be mixed with any of our green powders to *dilute* their taste and make them more palatable.

The lucuma powder + green powder combinations may sound unusual at first, but they definitely offer superior nutrition for anyone willing to experiment with different types of foods and tastes.

Try using our barley grass or chlorella with lucuma powder. You have to try lucuma to fully appreciate its taste and benefits.

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