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Is Breast Removal Justified for Cancer Prevention?

By Irina Bright
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I have been thinking about an approach to cancer prevention that is taken, from time to time, by conventional medical profession.

There is a tendency in medical circles to suggest that in cases of strong genetic tendencies towards cancer that run in families, some women may opt to get their breasts removed, for preventive purposes. The same is sometimes suggested with ovaries as well.

In other words, if there are many cases of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in your family, you may be given an option to go for a genetic test to identify your levels of cancer risk.

And if the test shows that there is a high probability of you getting cancer, then why not get your breasts and/or ovaries removed?

By the same logic, if there are many cases of cancerous brain tumours in your family, would they suggest that you get your brain removed???

I hope you see the irony of my point here.

So, is breast removal justified for cancer prevention?

I truly believe that every organ in our bodies plays a role. If an organ is given to us by nature, it has a purpose. Some people say that breasts are simply fatty tissues, without anything special to them - well, I don't believe it. If they are there, they have SOME purpose. As for the ovaries, this is beyond any argument. Ovaries play an extremely important role in hormonal regulation of female bodies. How is it possible to even suggest that they can be removed for preventive purposes?

As for the brain - what do we do here?

Another interesting point to highlight here is that recently there has been a big scientific advance in the way we look at genetics in general. Many respected researchers state that epigenetic factors may play a significant role in cancer genesis and cancer prevention at the same time.

Epigenetics implies changes in *gene EXPRESSION* rather than the underlying genetic code as such. (Ref. 1)

That means that even if we have a certain genetic pre-disposition to cancer, it doesn't mean that the way our genes express themselves (even if they are "pre-disposed" to cancer) will necessarily cause cancer in our lifetimes.

So, is breast removal justified to prevent cancer? - I am really not sure about it.

Please bear in mind this is only my personal opinion. I am sure there are genuine cases in which removal of certain organs may appear to be the only option for cancer prevention.

But there are also many wonderful nutritional therapies that can be used for cancer prevention. I would highly suggest that you investigate them in further detail and try every nutritional possibility first, before you agree to get your organs removed.

I would highly suggest the use of Seagreens to start you up on your journey to a healthier life.



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