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How to Use Our Food Powders

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We consider many of our products to be energy foods which can help with tiredness & chronic fatigue.

One of the best ways to take food powders is to mix them with yogurt.

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I very much like Yeo Valley Organic Bio-Yogurt. It is plain yogurt which you can use as a base to create your own taste, literally.

A number of foods that we sell have quite unique tastes which may be new to our customers.

Add one or two powders to yogurt, see if you like the taste. Add some hemp seed oil or coconut oil, and a handful of nuts, for an even healthier mixture.

If you are allergic to cows' milk, why not try goats yogurt. Fortunately, there is now plenty of choice on the market for dairy products.

If you are a vegan or simply don't like dairy products, then adding food powders to juices and smoothies is a very popular way of taking them, especially for green powders.

Seafood lovers may find that sprinkling our organic seaweeds (Seagreens) over seafood or any other food is an excellent way to top up on valuable sea minerals which are otherwise missing from terrestrial plants.

Please share your own ideas with us below.

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