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How To Start a Detox Process

By Irina Bright
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With all the selection of superfoods that we offer, you may, of course, want to know how to start the detox process that will result in better health and higher energy levels in the long-term.

1. My personal preference would undoubtedly be to start with green detox foods.

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Green powders are wonderful detoxifiers, possibly the best detoxifiers we can ever hope for.

The green powders that we offer are:

* Barley grass * Kelp * Chlorella * Spirulina, and * Wheatgrass.

All of them have been extensively used by thousands of people around the world who want to take good care of their health.

I like any green food because chlorophyll is usually its major component - it gives greens their characteristic green colour. Chlorophyll is probably the best chemical which can help remove toxins from our bodies. And as we know, toxins are one of the biggest causes of tiredness and chronic fatigue.

Barley grass is a very gentle green. I highly recommend it as a starting detoxifying superfood. I have been taking barley grass for several years now and I know from my first hand experience how excellent it is.

Apart from its detoxifying properties, barley grass can also dumb down the pain and relax muscles. For that reason, it can become a cool alternative to traditional pain-killers such as Ibuprofen, as well.

Wheat grass is similar to barley grass and can be taken as an alternative to it.

Kelp is another gentle supplement. It is valuable because it is a sea-based plant - it provides sea minerals (ex., iodine) which are usually missing in land-based plants such as barley grass.

Spirulina is slightly stronger than barley grass and can possibly deliver detoxifying effects faster than barley grass.

Chlorella is the strongest of them all. Chlorella is a really potent food, and we recommend that sensitive individuals start with a smaller dose and increase it very gradually.

All these powders can be mixed in a juice and taken as a very efficient, completely natural food supplement.

Some of the green powders may have an unpleasant taste. In that case, we recommend that you combine them with other, more pleasant foods (ex., lucuma) or take them in capsules. You can make your own capsules using empty capsules and a capsule machine that can be bought online.

2. Once you are used to green juices, your body is ready for other superfoods.

Please consider taking some of our general tonics - they are rich in vitamin C and can be a great supplement for the general well-being and higher energy levels:

Depending on the existing state of your health, this process can take from a couple of weeks to several months before you achieve your health-related goals.

An important thing to remember here is that such nutritional therapy offers, perhaps, the best approach to regaining energy in this totally natural way. It aims to solve our systemic nutritional deficiencies on a fundamental level.

3. Also, while you are going through a "green & tonic detox", you may need that extra energy to carry you through.

I highly recommend that you add at least some of our energisers as below:

4. Another ingredient to the "cocktail of success" follows from the points above: persistence.

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Persistence pays off

Since nutritional therapy is a gradual process the whole aim of which is to bring the body & mind back into balance, we need to make a conscious decision to stick to it and give it a fair chance to work. So persistence, like with anything else in life, is key here too.

5. Generally speaking, there are hundreds of detox methods you can choose from. Some will work for you better than others. Keep an open mind while detoxing your system. We discuss some aspects of how to detoxify your body here.

Just because you may not get some quick results with one method doesn't mean that detoxification doesn't work. It simply means that you either need to persist with it, or choose another remedy(ies) - depending on your health preferences.

6. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you in this process. I wrote more about the importance of a positive mindset in general here.

Even better, why not try to form a "detox group" of like-minded individuals and share ideas while trying to achieve the same goal? With the current abundance of social networks, it should be pretty easy to organize something like that.

Set yourself a monthly budget of how much you are prepared to invest in your health, and stick to it. Feel the difference!

I don't know of a better solution to any chronic condition that is related to vitamin deficiencies in some way or another.

But this approach does take time, effort and dedication if we want to make it work.

We are here to help with any enquiries you may have.