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Apply a Holistic Approach to Health - It Works.

By Irina Bright
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Conventional medicine tells us that we can achieve good health by treating, almost exclusively on a physical level, some isolated symptoms produced by individual organs within our bodies. From a practical perspective, that means:

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Holistic approach to health
is a virtual guarantee for success.
  • If you have a bad headache, you can take a paracetamol to kill the pain.

For traditional medical profession, it doesn't really matter that many bad headaches may be caused by the widespread deficiency of some basic minerals & trace elements. They are just happy to "treat" your symptom - until it re-appears.

And they have little interest in trying to tackle the root cause.

  • If you have problems with your bones, take a painkiller - again.

Doctors will probably say - there's nothing you can do about it. You are probably just growing old! (That's what I have been told before.) Take a painkiller!

  • If you have problems with the central nervous system, ex. Parkinson's disease - take medication to control your symptoms.

It doesn't really matter that this condition may be caused by the body's toxicity & vitamin deficiencies - your doctor won't tell you that. S/he will prescribe you with life-long medication for symptom control and will tell you that your condition is incurable.

And the list goes on and on.

Taking medication can certainly provide short-term relief to some symptoms but it will not resolve any condition fundamentally.

Moreover, its long-term use is often complicated by serious side-effects affecting the whole body.

It is not the point of this article to criticise modern healthcare systems per se.

The point is to demonstrate that the holistic approach can often be a more viable solution to many health-related issues, or used in combination with conventional methods.

So What *is* a Holistic Approach to Health?

Holistic approach pretty much implies that we treat our bodies "as a whole system".

Holistic therapy promotes self-healing by encouraging our own systems to restore all biological functions naturally.

If we nourish our immune system well and keep it strong, it will take care of all the body's needs.

If the immune system functions the way it should be, there won't be any need for "external" medication as the body will always stay healthy.

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Physical, emotional and
spiritual balance
is key to strong health.
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One of the best ways to achieve the immune balance is by taking care of:

› not only the body but also
› our emotional,
spiritual and
› many other invisible *dimensions*

which often go unnoticed and unrecognized by the medical profession as the factors playing a big role in our overall health.

Now let's have a look at it from the point of view of constant tiredness.

We've already pointed out that tiredness can be caused by a variety of physical factors, some of which are:

› toxins inside our bodies,
› bad nutrition,
› sedentary lifestyle, and
› chronic overworking.

So, some body-related *holistic approach* solutions to tiredness include:

› detoxification- detoxify your body,
› stable supply of vitamins & minerals - vitamins for the body,
› regular exercise - do physical exercise, and
› timely and adequate rest.

But what about mind & soul?

These are the areas which are often ignored by doctors and even individuals themselves.

Mind, Soul & Body are all interconnected. They are the whole.

Ex., any physical malfunction or pain within the body may affect the mind by creating negative thoughts.

On the other hand, thoughts created by the mind may define our (negative or positive) emotions (soul) and affect (negatively or positively) the physical state of our body.

And when doctors do recognise such connections, they often try to treat mental and emotional aspects with yet another set of medication.

japanese elder, longevity

We are all fascinated by the stories of communities around the world where longevity is a norm of life.

Apart from healthy diets, researchers who study the "secrets" of these peoples (ex. some Japanese communities) often find links between the power of community and the mental and physical health of its elders.

Old people are always surrounded by loving and caring relatives and neighbours; they have a big purpose in their life - to wake up every morning and feel needed and appreciated.

Please read our Positive Mindset article on why it is important to stay positive - always.

There are of course other curious examples that demonstrate the connection between the physical and non-physical dimensions.

How can we explain, for example, that a mother managed to "revive" her baby - who was pronounced dead after being born pre-maturely - by simply talking to him, holding him in her arms and stroking him for a couple of hours?

Or that an emotionally-unresponsive and mentally-disabled man immediately "lights up" and "re-acquires his identity" when he hears his favourite songs via headphones?

As much as I believe in science, I now clearly understand that it cannot explain everything - especially as far as the human condition is concerned.

Applying a holistic approach to health is a definite way forward.