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Natural Health Quotes and Wisdom


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- Biggest problem with coffee? It gives us an energy boost for a couple of hours but it doesn't sustain it. In fact, it causes an energy collapse following the boost. This is what I have found over the years of coffee drinking - yes, you can call me an addict here in a way :). I love the taste of coffee and I believe coffee is beneficial to health in many ways. It does however have some unpleasant side effects that made me limit its intake dramatically. I always had a lot of heart pain after taking too much coffee. Also, I didn't really enjoy the energy collapse either. It also dehydrates the body. But since I really like its taste and there are many healthy chemicals in coffee, I usually take one cup of coffee in the morning. I then take a variety of food powders from our shop (not all in one day, of course) - guarana, ginseng, maca, rhodiola rosea, catuaba, camu camu.

- I also find that taking good amounts of cacao powder helps a lot to relieve the heart-muscle pain when drinking too much coffee.

- Since recent times, following someone's recommendation, I started putting coconut oil in my coffee - and I love its taste! Coconut oil is an exceptionally healthy source of fats, with several unique acids that may potentially act against infections.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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- Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is often dismissed by many medical professionals as a psychiatric illness, the one that correlates more with depression, than with any other "physical-based" condition. I know that many people diagnosed with CFS or even ME have been battling for years against such dismissal by people who are supposed to help them.

Obviously, patients themselves always knew that it was not a depression, but something totally different. But, of course, patients aren't scientists, so they couldn't put their fingers on what exactly caused CFS/ME.

I have recently stumbled upon a very interesting piece of research which has actually demonstrated the *physical* differences between the brains of CFS patients and those diagnosed with depression.

In other words, this research paper goes one step further to prove that CFS is different from depression, and in fact may be caused by "organic, brain-based pathophysiology".

The research paper: Frank H Duffy, Gloria B McAnulty, Michelle C McCreary, George J Cuchural, and Anthony L Komaroff (July 1, 2011). EEG spectral coherence data distinguish chronic fatigue syndrome patients from healthy controls and depressed patients-A case control study. Published in BMC Neurology. It can be accessed here:

This is one more proof that nutritional therapy may well be helpful to provide at least some *physical* support to the brains of CFS patients. Please share among your friends to spread the knowledge about these valuable findings.

Natural Painkillers

*Sharing my personal experience with managing bone and period pains with natural remedies - barley grass powder.*

I believe many of our visitors (especially those formally diagnosed with chronic fatigue or other related conditions) have to deal with muscular pain as just one of the symptoms. I felt like I had to share my experience using barley grass powder as a natural pain killer, especially for muscular pain.

There are a couple of points here:

1. Several years ago I discovered *accidentally* that barley grass juice kills bone pain - pretty fast as well. I was going through a hard stage in my life, experiencing unexplained symptoms, and doctors couldn't diagnose anything - all my tests were normal. I had a recurrent dull pain in my left hip joint which was starting to really annoy me. One time I took a barley grass drink just as a general tonic (without any specific purpose). Half an hour later I discovered that my hip-joint pain had gone. So it was not my intention to kill the pain, but simply to take barley grass because it was recommended by many nutritionists. One "unintended" positive result was that my bone pain had gone.

2. Having noticed that, I decided to use barley grass to see if it could manage my period pains as well. I could not go through the first day of my period without having to take an ibuprofen. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't manage it without a pharmaceutical painkiller. So, having noticed positive pain-killing effects from barley grass for my hip-bone pain, I started trying barley grass for my period pains as well. It works every time I do it. When the pain just starts on the first day of my period, I take a glass of barley grass juice. The pain dumbs down significantly - almost to the point of me not feeling it at all. But 3 - 4 hours later it tends to return - not as strong, but still there. So I take another glass of barley grass powder, after which the pain is gone and I don't need to "manage" it after that.

This experience makes me believe that barley grass could be a natural alternative for killing muscular pain in cases of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ME, and so on. I just wanted to share this knowledge with you guys - I believe it could help many of you.


- I have been doing some research about adaptogens recently. Quite an interesting concept. Back in the 1950s, Russian researchers found that some foods and herbs were able to help the body "adapt" to external and / or internal stresses. Ex., if the body was too tired, an adaptogen would help it to regain physical energy; if the mind was "foggy", it would help bring more clarity etc. Some adaptogens are: rhodiola rosea, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha. For example, I occasionally take a combination of cacao powder and reishi powder, like an hour before going to bed, and I really do notice the (positive) difference in sleep quality.

Sea Salt and Table Salt

- Interesting how conventional medical advice from public authorities is to limit the intake of salt in our diets to stay healthy. They totally ignore the difference between table salt and sea salt. Sea salt is full of valuable minerals and should be included in our diets (in small amounts). If we stop all salt intake - we'll not be able to think! Same goes for crystal salt - we have Himalayan pink crystal salt in our store, too.

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients

- I have been thinking quite a lot about isolated vitamins & minerals pushed by the industry. There are really good manufacturers of isolated vitamins, ex. vitamin D - I highly respect many of such companies. I understand that taking individual nutrients in high amounts for a short period of time may be required to quickly deal with a person's health condition. However, once that person is feeling better and recovering, I personally don't see the need to continue with "isolated vitamin regimen". I think, instead they should focus on trying to get all the required nutrition from high-quality unprocessed foods. All the nutrients within any raw food work in *synergy* with each other - this is not the same as the sum of different nutrients thrown in together in synthetic multi-vitamins. What do you think?

- Ever wanted to buy a vitamin C supplement in a supermarket? Well, save your money for something better than that. "Supermarket-grade" supplements are cheap, ineffective products with lots of additives and a very low absorption rate (that is, most of it comes out of your body as waste). My preferred alternative is to take a vitamin C-rich food, which delivers this mother-antioxidant in a totally natural way. One of my all-time favourites is Brazilian camu camu. Try it out for a month or two, feel the benefits first-hand.

Detoxification - Different Ideas

- For any case of food poisoning, to deal with acute diarrhea or to start a general detox process, try *ACTIVATED* CHARCOAL. Activation is a special process by which a certain material (ex., coconut shells) is burnt in the absence of air and then *steamed* in a kiln at a very high temperature (usually above 800°C). This activation process expands exponentially the internal surface area of the material (it could reach something like 1,000 square metres per 1 gram charcoal) and renders it extremely porous. So when you take charcoal, it will "adsorb" extra liquids as well as deep-seated toxins from your intestines removing them from your body. The charcoal itself will NOT be absorbed by the body. I remember how popular charcoal was during my childhood years back in Russia. It was also very cheap.

Physical Exercise

trampoline, rebounding

- For everyone who is interested in doing regular gentle exercise to maintain the tone of the body, I highly recommend rebounding. A rebounder is something like a trampoline but much firmer than that. Basically, it won't allow you to jump higher than 30 centimeters above its surface. I have been using my PT rebounder for some time time. I like it very much because it allows me to do "gentle" exercise for the whole body without the danger of over-wearing the body or injuring my muscles or bones. Rebounding improves blood circulation and helps to cleanse the lymphatic system - gently. I like to think of rebounding as a type of exercise that compliments Yoga and Pilates very well - which are other types of gentle physical activity. You can see a good example of a rebounder on the picture to the right. Another great thing about rebounders is that they are specifically designed for home use and you can literally do your exercise at any time of the day - before or after work - without having to travel to a gym etc.


- "Hospitals and nursing homes could be left increasingly exposed to deadly superbugs amid warning signs that bacteria is becoming increasingly resistant to ‘last resort’ antibiotics." - reports the Natural Society of US. Do hospitals and doctors know about the existence of garlic, turmeric, ginger and numerous other healthy herbs - many of which are natural antibiotics? I mean, garlic is simply the best, cheap and quick. Ok, you may stink a little bit later but guaranteed to be free of infections.

Genetically Modified Food

- For once, I can truly feel proud of my native country - Russia. They have banned Monsanto and all their imports of genetically modified foods. I hope it stays like that for good! It makes me shudder just thinking how much power Monsanto have in USA. But I can see lots of positive developments against them in US already - keep up the good work, dear American friends :).

Dental Health

- Has anyone used baking soda for brushing teeth? It works better for teeth whitening than any super-expensive, super-chemical-loaded tooth-whitening tooth-paste. However, need to be very careful with baking soda as it is quite abrasive and can ruin enamel if used too much too often. It is of course possible to re-grow enamel if a tooth is generally healthy and the root canal has not been removed - but obviously better to prevent it in the first place.

Buddha, Dalai Lama and Other Quotes

- "To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him." - Buddha

- "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." - Dalai Lama

- "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." - Dalai Lama

- "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony D'Angelo

Ginkgo Biloba

Many years ago, I used to buy ginkgo biloba tablets for my mum - for her brain function. Of course, that was before I knew about the harmful additives that go into most tableted supplements. If you want to try ginkgo biloba, make sure to try the pure product. Interesting to note that in Germany ginkgo has been one of the most popular foods recommended by doctors for improved blood circulation, brain and heart function, prevention of blood clots and so on. I admire Germany for being so progressive! Nutritionists often recommend ginkgo for improved mental clarity. This is achieved most likely thanks to the improved blood delivery to the brain. In this respect, it's also worth a try for cases of medical fatigue as well.


- Youth has no age, said Pablo Picasso. Especially when we eat healthy tasty raw foods :).

- "“Oneness” simply means the awareness of our inherent interconnectedness with each other, the earth, the animal kingdom, and essentially the entire universe. It is the profound understanding -beyond opinionated beliefs -that we are all equal facets of the same underlying consciousness in which all life arises." 

"For a long time, human consciousness has been stuck in a very limited archaic program, which led us to perpetually seeing ourselves as separate from each other and the earth. Hence why we have created such ill-treatment between each other and the environment. The reality we have created for ourselves is the result of living our lives with our minds in the driver’s seat. We are experiencing the projection of a strictly left-brained consciousness, where we honor intellectualism, despite of how egoic and self-destructive we have allowed it to become. In this state, we are enabling division, fear, and control to keep us from awakening to our true unconditioned and peaceful nature, all while we continue to wait for “saviors” or political dictators to outline our individual and collective path. Yet we have forgotten that the ones we have been waiting for is ourselves -in all aspects of our existence. Such a disconnected state of consciousness is unsustainable and would lead humanity to its own demise." 

- Franco DeNicola