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Gene Moss, Superfoods Columnist at

A Bit About Me

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Hi, my name is Gene Moss. Here is a little information about myself and my experiences serving as my inspiration to write articles on the importance that nutrition and herbal healthcare have on the improvement and maintenance of a person’s health and wellbeing.

My Injury

At the age of 15 I suffered a serious back injury, dislodging a lower disc and causing my back to be misaligned. This can affect a number of systems’ within the human body, notably the nerve and digestive systems, whilst also limiting one’s ability to undertake daily activities.

After seeing doctors a number of times with the advice of “rest” is the best cure, this clearly was not working and so I had decided to take matters into my own hands.

Before I started on this course of action, the injury had changed my lifestyle from being active and sporty, to one stagnant in front of a PC playing games in a poor postural. In addition, I had become overweight, with a 40 inch waist and a very poor level of fitness.

The Road to Recovery

I researched and tried a few diets. Being into sports in my earlier years, bodybuilding techniques appealed to me, especially when looking to lose body fat. I went down to a waist 30, but without knowledge of consuming quality healthy nutrition. Whilst in this prolonged ketosis phase, this had detrimental effects on my bone and overall health.

At this point of having trimmed down but being in a physically unfit and suboptimal health state, my back and level physical fitness became priority. Over time, with gradual research and nutritional consumption testing, my fitness and back health has been improving, especially over the last couple of years in which I have attempted to find a medium between health, fitness, and physique.

Critical to my development has been of course physical exercise, but in conjunction with the consumption of herbs and super foods. Vital for immune health, pre/ post workout exercise, and overnight recovery, I can safely say that what you consume, when, and the amounts of these and daily macronutrients in taken are hugely important to achieving your goals.

At this moment…

My efforts have brought me down to a consistently health weight, and a good level of fitness. I still suffer chronic back pains 24/7, but my postural development has hugely improved and continues to do so. The strength of my back has also improved considerably, along with my flexibility.

I currently work in an office job which requires me to remain seated 95% of the time, which unfortunately still places my back under constant strain for most of my day. And so for me personally this has taken an extra importance.

Last Words

I am no nutritional expert and so will not claim to be, but with the amount of self-knowledge and testing of the huge array of different foods and herbs that nature provides us with today, I have decided to relay my experiences here for KillTiredness.

This is done in the hope it may help or give thought for those individuals who have suffered many years of arthritis, bone and joint pains like myself, along with reaching, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Food and nutrients is our fuel, and with the right quantity and quality our daily lives will greatly benefit.

Wishing all the very best of health,

Gene TJB Moss

Irina's note:

Gene writes extensively for us about his general knowledge on nutrition as well as his personal experiences using superfoods.

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