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Our Authors

Barbara Nathan
barbara nathan

I hold a Master’s degree in experimental psychology from the University of Connecticut and currently reside in Absecon, New Jersey.

As a preventive services caseworker and supervisor for at risk families, I was deeply concerned by the poor eating habits that were the rule rather than the exception. However, having advanced training in nutrition, I was very successful, both in individual counselling sessions and in the parenting classes I conducted, in motivating my clients to adopt a better balanced and healthier diet.

Since then, my interest in nutrition has continued, which I keep current by attending classes and lectures, reading numerous online publications, and writing health and nutrition articles myself for several websites.

I am a prolific writer. I first discovered my love for writing as a young child and knew even then that this activity was my life’s calling. I was the ghostwriter for two college level psychology textbooks published by Prentice-Hall and have researched and written many published articles.

Since March 2013, I have been writing full time for a freelance website.

My diverse original work includes in depth articles about the nutritional and health benefits of different foods, summaries of health and safety guidelines for restaurant managers, and articles in the self-help niche.

I am delighted to be a contributing writer for, too, and welcome questions and comments from readers that I can address in future articles.

Amy Morris
amy morris

I am a UK registered Naturopathic Nutritionist, health writer and creator of the ‘Amy-Zing 3-in-1 Nut Milk Bag’.

I place emphasis on teaching people new health and lifestyle tools, so that they feel empowered enough to go on and take control of their own health through natural means - just as nature designed us to do.

Since using the nutritionist qualification to help myself heal from chronic endometriosis and IBS - this continues to motivate me whether working as a nutritionist or as health writer, as I believe passionately in what I do.

I have seen amazing changes happen to my clients health, when they put in the right foods, right fluids and bio-available supplements that respect a person’s individuality, believing there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' diet.

As a nutritionist, the areas I specialise in are: preconception care, female health, digestive health issues, low energy, diabetes management and optimising immune function.

Amy's articles:

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Bev Walton
bev walton

I am an experienced chef, with top writing skills and innovative at recipe design, with a degree in nutrition and vast experience of dietary requirements and meal planning.

I also supply top quality photography to accompany my work. I have a degree in PR and journalism and studied French at University. I have planned many events, including some for celebrities and film crews.

Now semi retired, I am pursuing my writing and food photography career and passion. I perpetually create new recipes and have travelled throughout the world and collected ideas and researched new ingredients.

With my degree in nutrition and experience in all dietary requirements either medically or simply for weight loss, I can supply recipes to fit any brief, be it a book, e-book, meal plans, blogs or websites.

A 'one-stop shop' for accurate and alluring articles on food, beverages, health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Bev's articles:

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Jillian Babcock
jillian babcock

I am a healthy food lover, Board Certified Holistic Health Counsellor and member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I love “healthifying” recipes and practicing yoga as I work toward becoming an instructor.

I am a graduate of Fairfield University with a BA in Psychology and also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

You can find me around NYC seeking out all the latest things related to health and fitness.

I privately counsel clients to help them reach health related goals such as losing weight, learning about healthy cooking, dealing with food allergies and digestive issues, and more.

Jillian's articles:

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