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Empty Clear Vegetarian Capsules Size "00"

empty clear vegetarian capsules size 00
Empty Vegetarian Capsules

1,000 empty clear vegetarian capsules size 00 to be used with the Capsule Machine.

The capsules are top quality pharmaceutical-grade products manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines.

Why make your own capsules?

Making your own capsules will save you 3 - 4 times on pre-encapsulated products!

You also have complete control over what goes inside each capsule, without having to worry about ingesting any unwanted excipients or fillers.

Each capsule fits 400mg - 900mg of a powder - depending on each powder's density.

DO NOT fill capsules with any liquid as it may dissolve it before consumption.

Empty capsules and the capsule machine to use with them can be purchased online from a number of good retailers.