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Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

By Irina Bright
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Eating raw fruits & vegetables on a daily basis sounds like an obvious path to great health.

This is indeed a first, easy-to-achieve-and-maintain step that we all can take to keep our bodies cleansed, properly mineralised and therefore naturally energised.

When I eat greens & fruits, I feel like I am literally absorbing sunshine - the ultimate source of energy & all life on our planet.

There's a lot of *physical* truth in this statement - not just an emotional sentiment.

The sun powers everything that we have - and that includes the wonderful plants which adorn Earth's landscapes.

Through the process of photosynthesis fuelled by the sun, plants produce chlorophyll - that magic green compound which is an absolute requirement for the *blossom* of our own biological systems.

Green Leafy Veg & Why We REALLY Need Them ...

Everything edible that is green in colour contains chlorophyll.

This is especially true of green leafy vegetables which are really high in chlorophyll content.

green leafy salad
Green Leafy Salad
© Silence Foto

Ask any naturopath and they'll tell you that green leafy vegetables are the best sources of healthy & bioavailable nutrition recommended for human consumption.

Personally, I love eating raw spinach, watercress & rocket salad widely available in supermarkets. They are fantastic as a snack - eat them at any time of the day to give yourself an immediate boost of energy.

Kale is another popular green superfood - people on raw-food diets often add it to their green juices alongside other greens such as cucumbers, celery & parsley.

Talking about green juices.

Why not make green juicing your regular activity - the mental clarity that comes with it is absolutely incredible.

You really NEED to try it to feel it.

You can juice any type of vegetables, and make any kinds of veg combinations you fancy - just let your imagination fly!

Green juices are as raw as it gets - delivering all the valuable enzymes in a very digestible form.

And, of course, I am a huge advocate of green superpowders ex. barley grass powder, chlorella powder & spirulina powder. All these powders can be easily mixed into a juice and can make a great alternative to *juicing from scratch*.

carrot celery juice
Celery and Carrot Juice
© Lamica

Just start with something even if it is not green or leafy :).

All rainbow colours are more than welcome :).

Take your pick and then move forward!

Love carrots & broccoli? Great!

But why not gently steam them instead of boiling every single bit of goodness out of them?

Moreover, carrots can easily be juiced and drunk raw - in fact, carrot juice is a delicious and healthy drink in its own right.

One of my other favourite vegetables are avocados.

They are full of healthy fats, proteins & a whole load of other nutrients and, of course, have a lovely adorable taste as well.

My mum takes avocado oil on a regular basis for her heart condition.

And What About Fruits?

Some people say that we eat too much fruit - due to their high sugar content.

fruit basket
© Super Trooper

I take their point to a certain degree.

Personally I eat as much fruit as I feel like, without putting any major restrictions on it.

Fruits are amazing, sweet, lovely-tasting plants which give us so much pleasure - alongside all the health benefits associated with eating raw plants in general.

I know that many raw foodists take A LOT of fruits as well.

Most notably, they make smoothies from a whole variety of fruits & berries - bananas, strawberries, oranges to name just a few - to which they often add green superpowders and all sorts of other powders like acai, guarana, maca and so on.

What a fantastic health cocktail :). And true enough - who can resist it!

sun dried goji berries
Scrumptious Goji Berries

We even sell dried berries such as goji berries and mulberries in our shop as an option to try something different from traditional fruits that we are used to.

Eating too much fruit may be a concern for people with diabetes or other "sugar-related" conditions. And that is totally understandable.

But if our systems don't have any major imbalances, raw organic fruits can only be of real benefit.

The key to success is to find a balance of vegetables & fruits in our diets fitting our individual health situations, possibly with the balance tipping slightly more towards vegetables.