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Does Our Mindset Affect Our Health?

By Irina Bright
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There has recently been a lot of discussions as to whether the way we look at things can affect the way we feel mentally & physically.

Does our Mindset  ⇛  affect our Health, in some way or another?

Sometimes it reminds me of a Chicken & Egg situation: What comes  ⇛  First, and what comes  ⇛  Second?

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Does positive Mindset affect our Health, positively?

Do we, first, need a Positive Outlook on life  ⇛  to have Strong Health that follows it? That is, strong health comes second - as a result of positive thinking.

OR, does our Current Health define the Way We Think  ⇛  in a positive OR negative way? In other words, does strong Health need to come first, before we can have a positive mindset in general?

My personal experience tells me, that most of the time - it is both things at the same time.

I remember, many years ago I was feeling always tired and emotionally subdued, being unable to understand what was the exact cause of it. Without any other obvious reasons, I now know that my inferior nutrition at that time was one major cause of my tiredness and the sub-par state of my emotional health.

On the other hand, there are many examples and anecdotal evidence that a deep emotional belief that "My life is very good" and "Everything is great" can most certainly make a person feel very positive about the world surrounding him/her, and subsequently lead to strong Health.

So, Does Our Mindset Really Affect Our Health?

We ARE what we BELIEVE we are.

I have seen many examples when people achieve what they BELIEVE they can achieve.

Even if their Nutrition isn't the best at a certain point in their life, IF they believe they can achieve great health - it certainly helps them to achieve it.

I believe our thoughts have a material dimension. That means, that possibly our thought-making process based in the brain, can initiate some sort of a chemical reaction throughout the body. Such a chemical reaction can potentially have either a positive, or a negative, impact on the physical dimension of the body.

On the other hand, there are many reports that Raw & Whole Nutrition can make us think differently, helping us to get out of the "rat-race" mentality and start experiencing life in so many different ways. As opposed to leading a "zombie-like" lifestyle.

I felt like that when I started making a serious effort to bring the best raw nutrition possible into my life.

Everyone Needs a Little Inspiration...

Of course, some things in life aren't obvious.

Many people simply "can't be bothered" because they lack inspiration to improve their life and nutrition.

Our Mindset becomes very positive and goal-oriented when we get inspired, and we know what the Purpose of our life is.

Whether we want it or not - we are all social beings. Social interaction is an absolute necessity to be happy and live a meaningful life.

Sometimes, we get inspired by chance.

Most of the time - we get inspired because someone we love inspires us and pushes us to our limits. When the sky is the only limit we have. That is, no limits whatsoever.

I love this couple of sentences from a Freddy Mercury & Montserrat Caballe's song:

How can I go on, from day to day?
Who can make me strong - in every way?

To wrap it up, I believe that:

Our Mindset certainly affects our health.

The only thing is that some time we need a little nudge or emotional support from those who love us.

Stay healthy and happy,