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Do Physical Exercise - It Really Helps.

By Irina Bright
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You must have heard it many times by now - doing physical exercise is good for your health :).

These words certainly carry a lot of meaning with them. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles due to the nature of our work.

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But spending some time on physical activity contributes both to our physical and mental well-being.

And it really can kill tiredness for sure.

We were born to move around and keep the muscles and everything else within the body working. We were not born to spend all our time sitting at our computer screens & talking to people on the phone.

And the good news is: Exercise can be lots of fun too!

So What are the Main Benefits of Exercise?

The first thing that is always associated with physical activity is, of course, the improved blood circulation.

Efficient blood circulation is a must for any healthy body. Blood transports oxygen and all the nutrients to the cells and removes waste products.

Have you ever had your hands or feet going cold? - The most likely reason for that is weak blood circulation.

Our bodies simply cannot function well without stable, reliable blood supply. Sweating brought about by physical activity removes impurities via skin. Exercise also helps cleanse the lymphatic system.

So, physical exercise:

  • Improves oxygen supply to the cells
  • Aids in detoxification
  • Supports the function of the body's immune system
  • Releases the feeling of a general well-being
  • Contributes to a positive set of mind
  • Provides countless other benefits.

What are the Best Ways to Do Exercise?

Some people believe that you really have to exert yourself and do many hours of physical exercise per week or month in order to stay healthy.

My personal opinion is that this is not necessarily so.

Many experts now agree that regular, short sessions of physical activity - for example, 20 - 30 minutes a day - are a great way of getting your body *into gear*.

trampoline, rebounding

Rebounding is currently
my favourite type of exercise :).

I have recently discovered rebounding which has become my favourite type of activity.

Rebounding is widely recommended as a gentle type of exercise.

You can easily do it at home, without having to get yourself ready and go outside for a run, for example. Although spending time in fresh air is an excellent way to improve your health as well.

Why not put some music on and rebound to your heart's content!

Short walks (instead of super-long runs) and light jogging outside are other fantastic alternatives when you don't want to overload your body physically. Learn more about how to start running here.

I also like social sports-related activities such as badminton, tennis, football etc.

Zumba dancing is a relatively novel feel-good type of social physical activity that is certainly very appealing to many people as well!

I try to do regular exercise but it doesn't always work out the way I plan.

And I don't torture myself over this.

Just trying to do it as often as we can is already a good start!