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Crystalline Nutrition

Rob Lavinsky
By Josee Honeyball

It will be no surprise that food can raise or lower your vibrational frequency. If you are raising your vibrational frequency this will enable you to receive and transmit more light energy, this in turn allows you to expand in your own consciousness.

When you are ready to be more aware of the light information that helps you to resonate with higher states of consciousness, your need for less dense foods often coincides with these shifts.

It makes sense that the more pure and unadulterated your energy nutrition is, the clearer your physical systems operate. It is not wrong to eat denser, lower vibrational foods such as meats, sugars and so on but it will affect your ability to resonate with finer frequencies which help you to connect with higher states of awareness. It is a choice.

Our world is made up of so many light networks that connect us to the other species such as animals, plants and of course crystals and minerals. The materials that we share with our beautiful planet allow us to create physical forms. We all share these elements in different combinations and different layers of vibratory rates. Some of these vibrations are available in a holographic way; that is to say it exists as light waves and particles that are not within our normal light spectrum range. I describe this as non-physical reality.

If we look at the beauty of the crystal and mineral kingdoms, their ability to shine their light and share communion with the same elements as ourselves and our food chain, might go unnoticed. The crystals are able to resonate with higher states of energy; they act as a bridge between the food we choose to consume and ourselves.

The crystals are able to raise the frequency of our nutrition if our intention is to allow for this to happen. A simple way to try this is to take a crystal of your choice and when you ask for help in your mind or out loud, to raise the energy of your food, your intention is enough. When I sense how this takes place, I experience this as a holographic shift in state.

Many people already put crystals in their drinking water to help purify it- to raise its vibrational state. Although, you do not need to put a crystal in your food, holding the crystal and intention over your food for a few brief moments will enable an exchange in resonance.

Try it for yourself and you may also find that you too want less dense foods, as you start to feel the benefits of working with the crystals. Your relationship with your nutrition and this world could well transform into a deeper understanding of what it means to share earth consciously and in harmony with all other species and beings.

Josee Honeyball

Published: January 30, 2014