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Are You Chronically Overworked?

By Irina Bright

Are you chronically overworked? And does it make you feel constantly tired?

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Work less, Rest more!

I believe this is not just a hollow question, and it certainly should not be ignored.

In this day and age, everyone is so busy about everything else: work, family, friends, social media, news - you name it.

While many of such activities are positive in nature (ex., family & friends), work unfortunately is more often associated with stress, worries, negative emotions and so on.

Such status-quo is a sure drag on our energy levels. It takes place in the background and often goes unnoticed.

Does it have to be like this? Of course, not!

With all the pressures that most of us have to deal with every day, it is easy to surrender to this vicious circle and often feel "stuck in a rut".

But nothing is impossible.

It may take a conscious effort or two to get oneself back into work-life balance, but it's definitely worth it.

After all, our life is all about priorities.

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said that "it is health that is real wealth".

No matter how much money we earn, it may not be enough to restore health.

If you identify with anything in the above, it is probably time to re-think your priorities as well.

Our superfoods will surely help you on your way to a better balance and stronger health :).