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The Capsule Machine, Capsule Size 00

capsule machine 00
The Capsule Machine

The Capsule Machine is designed specially to allow you to make your own capsules easily at home.

This Capsule Machine is for Capsules sized 00.

Why use the Capsule Machine?

We sell a whole selection of wonderful super powders on our website.

The taste of some powders is not be very pleasant and may prove to be a turn-off for many people.

In this sense, the Capsule Machine is a real saviour indeed.

Save 3 - 4 times on pre-encapsulated products by making your own capsules!

Make your own combinations of powders and know exactly what's going inside your capsules!

It is really easy to use the Capsule Machine.


1. Base; 2. Stand; 3. Tamper; 4. Spreader Card; 5. Top; 6. Desiccant Bag

Instructions for use are included in each pack.

The Capsule Machine and empty vegetarian capsules can be purchased online from a number of good retailers.