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Can Thyroid Problems Cause Tiredness?

By Irina Bright
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Can thyroid problems cause tiredness? - Yes, they can.

The thyroid is a gland which is found right at the frond of our neck. The thyroid produces hormones which are responsible for many crucial functions inside our bodies.

Amongst the most important such functions are:

▸ Metabolism - the rate at which the body burns calories and converts them into a usable form of energy

▸ Brain development

▸ Breathing

▸ Heart & central nervous system

▸ Menstrual cycle

▸ Weight control, and other functions.

Thyroid problems can cause tiredness in cases when the thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones to keep the body functioning the way it should.

Such weak thyroid function is called hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid condition.

Tiredness and even more serious fatigue are some of the most obvious signs of the potential thyroid malfunction.

Thyroid underactivity means that the body doesn't receive sufficient amounts of hormones - which results also in low levels of energy production.

So, thyroid problems, specifically thyroid underactivity can cause tiredness.

But what causes the thyroid to be underactive?

One of the main causes of hypothyroidism is Iodine deficiency.

Iodine is an essential trace element that is widely found in seaweeds.

We have introduced our own branded seaweed product - Seagreens - which you can easily take to remove iodine deficiency quickly from your body.

Iodine may help re-start the system to work better in general, and help produce more energy, in particular.

The iodine found in seaweeds is a totally natural, food-state form of this element. It is the best-quality food-state type which our bodies understand very well how to process and absorb.

Iodine in seaweeds is bound to many other nutrients, which guarantee its high bio-availability.

I believe seaweeds should be one of the first food remedies to deal with hypothyroidism.

Please note that high levels of natural iodine found in seaweeds can have interactions with other medication.

You should always consult your doctor first, before introducing new remedies into your regime.

Irina Bright

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