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Advantages of Making Your Own Capsules

chlorella powder
Chlorella powder is best taken
in capsules or mixed with
other powders
to dilute its taste.

Quite often, many people find it hard to acquire new tastes.

That is especially true for the foods they have never heard of before.

On top of that, some powders are really hard to take straight due to their strong & unpleasant tastes.

A good example of that is chlorella powder.

In this respect, putting powders in capsules appears to be a very good solution.

So let's summarize the advantages of making your own capsules:

  • Enjoy all the health-boosting benefits of many super foods - without having to deal with their sometimes unpleasant taste.

  • Have complete control over what goes inside your capsules - avoid the ingestion of unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) excipients & fillers.

  • Save money on pre-encapsulated products - by 3 - 4 times.

Our preference would be to take powders neat: either taking them straight from a spoon; mixing them with water, juices or yogurts; mixing several powders together & adding a drop of a healthy oil (ex., hemp seed oil); or sprinkling them over food.

But in those cases when that is not possible, making your own capsules is a great way forward.

Want to start making your own capsules?

Learn more about the capsule machine & empty vegetarian capsules to use with it here.

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Vegetarian Capsules
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