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Acai Powder

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Acai Berries on a Tree

Acai powder is made of acai berries which grow on acai palm trees (Euterpe oleracea), mostly throughout the Amazon region of South America, including Brazil and Peru.

Acai berries have recently become well-known and popular in many countries around the world. You may also have heard about them from nutritionists discussing their health-boosting properties.

Acai is considered to be a nutritionally-dense food.

Acai berries contain high amounts of numerous vital nutrients, incl. vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, sterols and carbohydrates. (Ref. 1)

But as a functional food, they are best known for being rich in anti-oxidants, ex. anthocyanins. Among some anti-oxidants found in Acai berries, we have: anthocyanin 3-glycosides, ferulic acid, epicatechin, p-hydroxy benzoic acid, gallic acid, protocatechuic acid, catechin, ellagic acid, vanillic acid, p-coumaric acid and gallotannins. (Ref. 2)

Anti-oxidants have been generally suggested for fighting free radicals and preventing age-related damage to our bodies. (Ref. 3)

We also know that certain nutrient deficiencies may result in tiredness and chronic fatigue.

In this respect, Acai powder can serve as a good energy food because it can deliver healthy nutrition to our bodies and give us that *lift-me-up* just when we need it.

Acai Powder Health Benefits

Health benefits offered by acai powder may, indeed, be quite extensive.

Let's take a look at some existing research to understand better how this wonderful plant can support our health.

Acai Anti-Oxidant Potential

Researchers believe that many health benefits are achieved thanks to the capacity of Acai antioxidants to scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative stress inside the body. (Ref. 2)

Oxidative stress has been implicated in a whole variety of "classic" chronic conditions, such as cancer, atherosclerosis and heart disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, autism, and other degenerative diseases. (Ref. 4, 5, 6 and 7)

It is a major contributor to the weakened immune system as well. (Ref. 8)

We also know that oxidative stress may be one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. (Ref. 9)

Since Acai berries have such a broad anti-oxidant and detoxifying potential, we suggest that, if taken over a period of time, they can strengthen the immune system, central nervous system and heart function, among other benefits.

So, by removing deep-seated causes of illness - some of which are vitamin deficiencies and toxins in the body - Acai can help us to take care of our health on a fundamental level.

Acai Polyphenols and Polysaccharides

We know that Acai berries contain high levels of polyphenols and polysaccharides which are believed to contribute to its healing properties. (Ref. 10)

Polyphenols in acai are powerful anti-oxidants, and have been shown to have immunomodulatory functions in previous studies. (Ref. 10 and 11)

Polysaccharides, on the other hand, function as prebiotics and may carry many beneficial effects, too.

In addition to that, a study demonstrated that acai polysaccharides also have immunomodulatory activities and could be used as a therapeutic or preventative treatment for asthma and infectious diseases, ex. against bacterial pathogens of the lung such as Francisella tularensis and Coxiella burnetii. (Ref. 10)

Immunomodulation is a regulation of the work of the immune system - either stimulating it if it is too weak, or suppressing it if it is too active. In this regard, acai can be a very valuable food for improving our immune function.

Other Points About Acai Powder

Raw acai berries normally perish within 24 hours of harvesting. For that reason, manufacturers freeze-dry freshly harvested berries and then grind them into powder.

Acai powder has a rich proteinish-kind of taste, and you can enjoy it either on its own or mix it with other foods.

Another convenient way to take acai powder is to to put it in capsules using a capsule machine and empty capsules.

PS. We don't make any claims about some "miraculous powers" sometimes attributed to acai. We don't make any promise that you'll lose a lot of weight within a week or two of taking this powder.

However, no one can deny acai berries' extraordinary nutritional profile and all the benefits that consuming them will ultimately bring to those seeking to improve their health.

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