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General Tonics

Bee Pollen

organic bee pollen
Bee Pollen

Our bee pollen may easily become your favourite super food.

Sweet and soft bee pollen granules are consumed not only by professional athletes but also by anyone aspiring to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Rich in protein and carbohydrates, bee pollen can quickly correct vitamin deficiencies and set one on a path to recovery.

Children love bee pollen, which makes it an ideal healthy snack as well.

Please read bee pollen information page for more details about this food.

Camu Camu Powder

camu camu powder
Camu Camu

Camu camu is a South American tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest.

This plant is an excellent all-round tonic for body & mind.

It has recently gained popularity thanks to its berries offering an outstanding content of a powerful anti-oxidant - Vitamin C.

On top of that, camu camu - like any other superfood - contains various phytonutrients which are highly beneficial due to their cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Please read camu camu information page for more details.

Acai Powder

raw organic acai powder
Acai Powder

Acai palm is a tree native to some countries in Central and South America.

Acai berry - now available in our shop in powdered form - is well-known for being highly rich in protein.

It certainly deserves its reputation as a powerful super food; supplies a wide array of vitamins, minerals & other nutrients, and is especially highly prized for its anti-oxidant value.

A great tonic for the whole body.

Please read acai powder information page for more detail.

Rosehip Powder

rosehip powder

So how does rosehip stand out from the crowd?

This fantastic all-round tonic, with a wide range of anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, has been used for hundreds of years by people around the world to deal with all sorts of health issues.

Its anti-oxidants and other unique phytochemical compounds give us an energy boost by fighting free radicals and other impurities in our bodies.

Rosehip powder can be brewed as tea or added to yogurts or other superfood mixes.

Please read rosehip powder information page for more detail.

Reishi Mushroom Powder

reishi mushroom powder
Reishi Powder

The main reason we offer reishi mushroom is because it is truly one of the most exceptional health-promoting foods around.

It improves the function of the immune system (immunomodulation) and, thanks to its adaptogenic properties, helps our bodies get *back to normal* - may any internal imbalances arise.

It fights stress & tiredness, infections and inflammations and delivers numerous other health-boosting benefits.

Please read reishi powder information page for more detail about this food.

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