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Detox Foods

Detox Foods:   Barley Grass Powder

barley grass powder
Barley Grass Powder

Barley grass, quite deservedly, is considered to be one of the best green superfoods around.

Its mild taste and rich nutritional profile make it an excellent choice as a starting detox powder.

It is also highly recommended for use on a long-term basis for keeping the body free of toxins and other waste products - gently.

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Detox Foods:   Kelp Powder

kelp powder
Kelp Powder

Unlike barley grass, kelp is a sea-based plant with some unique nutrients not available with foods growing in soil.

Kelp is full of minerals & other micronutrients.

Iodine is probably among the most notable ones - it improves the metabolic function of the body & has cleansing properties as well. We offer organic kelp powder from Scotland.

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Detox Foods:   Chlorella Powder

chlorella powder
Chlorella Powder

Chlorella certainly takes one of the top places in our line-up of green powders.

Thanks to its unique chlorella growth factor, it has an ability to deliver faster & deeper detoxification results.

Chlorella is more stimulating than barley grass & spirulina. Sensitive individuals should start with smaller doses.

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Detox Foods:   Spirulina Powder

spirulina powder
Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is very much like chlorella - it grows in fresh water ponds and has a similar nutritional profile.

But its effects on the body are milder and, therefore, it can be taken in larger amounts for gentle detoxification.

On top of its cleansing properties, by feeding our brain & nervous system spirulina also helps us feel better and more positive about things.

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Detox Foods:   Wheatgrass Powder

wheatgrass powder
Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass is quite often taken as an alternative to barley grass powder.

It is a soil-growing plant with a high concentration of chlorophyll - the compound that helps detoxify and deliver oxygen to our bodies.

You can also mix it with other powders for stronger effects. Many raw-food enthusiasts grow wheatgrass at home and take it as juice as well.

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