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All-Time Favourites :)

Cacao Powder

cacao powder
Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is, undoubtedly, the most popular superfood we can think of.

Loved by children and adults throughout the world, this chocolate powder not only has a wonderful taste but it also bursts with healthy nutrition - from valuable mood-lifting amino acids to vitamins to anti-oxidants and enzymes.

Yes, that's true - the fact that we *feel good* about ourselves and life in general when we eat chocolate is explained by the interaction of all these fabulous nutrients within our bodies.

Please read cacao powder information page for further details about this fantastic food.

Vanilla Powder

vanilla powder

Of course, it's hard to imagine chocolate without vanilla in it.

Use it as an aromatic flavouring for cacao powder and mix it with our super foods, ex. lucuma - to achieve the taste that you'll love.

You can also, of course, use it for baking and for any other ideas you can imagine :).

Please read vanilla powder information page for more details about this product.

Lucuma Powder

lucuma powder

We really do consider lucuma to be a best kept secret of the modern raw food revolution.

This nutritious South American fruit offers a totally unique sweet taste - it can work as a perfect natural sweetener and be added to just any other food you may fancy.

As a superfood, lucuma is a fantastic source of energy for those of us seeking to improve our diets and get on a healthier path.

Mix lucuma with other superfoods from our shop.

A a suggestion, lucuma will make a good combination with cacao, vanilla, goji berries & mulberries.

Please visit lucuma powder information page for more details.

Goji Berries

dried goji berries
Goji Berries

Goji berries come from China.

We consider gojis to be a super-fruit thanks to an amazing array of essential nutrients they contain: enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

Another quality that makes gojis so valuable is their potent "anti-oxidant capacity" which is believed to be many times higher than that of another super-fruit - blueberries.

On top of that, gojis are rich in protein and carbohydrates which are an excellent source of energy for our bodies.

Unsurprisingly, this lucky combination of all the "ingredients" vital for strong health delivers some truly outstanding outcomes: high sustained energy levels, longevity, alleviation of chronic conditions, re-balancing of the immune system, weight loss and more.

Please read goji berries information page for more details about this food.


organic mulberries

Mulberries, just like goji berries and acai berries, offer an exceptional nutritional profile plus the smooth, sweet taste loved by many.

Mulberries are famous for containing resveratrol - a powerful antioxidant that works against fungal & bacterial infections inside the body.

Mulberries are really delicious and can be combined with a number of other berries and super foods you can find in our shop.

Try mixing mulberries with gojis and adding them both to your breakfast.

Or eat them straight!

Please read mulberries information page for more details.